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Originally Posted by toefoo View Post
:O Thanks for that! That has no doubt saved me a terrible loss!

I am starting to think about how soon i should get a mount now. Thinking that if I spend my first 10 gold this early on the 30% mount (as I understand it this is the best mount until I start buying mushrooms regularly) I will be plenty behind anyone my level in the arena that spent their gold on stats.
I would not bother worrying about your arena ranking for quite some time. At early levels it fluctuates wildly. Get the mount. Get it fast. The mount means you will be able to do 30% more quests which = 30% more gold & xp. The faster you do this, the better.

Also while i personally do go for xp over gold & feel this is the "best" way to go for long term play please note that at very early levels (the first 10 or 20) stats make a huge difference so it would be beneficial to balance your gold and xp gains during that time frame & then move over to the pure xp method.