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I'll add just one suggestion to this so that no 3rd party jury needs to be involved and we can hold the matches on our own. Obviously part of the fun is in naming our abilities, but I think a set point system would help us greatly.

For instance, you have 3 attacks, 3 defenses. 1 of your attacks are worth 3 points, another 2, and the last is 1. Same with defenses. This way you cant have all 6 be worth 3 points and you have to strategically place what you use in comparison to the enemies defense. I'll give a small example battle:

Turn 1
Player 1 uses Atk3. Player 2 uses Def 2. Player 2 loses 1 hp.
Player 2 uses Atk1. Player 1 uses Def 1. Player 1 loses 0 hp.
Player 1 uses Atk2. Player 2 uses Def 3. Player 2 catches his breath, gaining 1 hp.

You cannot use Atk 3 each time, you must use one of each attack and defense per turn till all are used. This forces you to think on your feet, attack and counter.

Another option is instead of gaining 1 hp when you have a higher def then their atk, it will allow you to use an atk that is however many increments higher then what they used. So if Player 1 uses Atk1 and you use Def3, that is a difference of 2 points in your favor, so that would give you the ability to use Atk3 again in this turn, even if you already used it. If Player 1 had used Atk2 instead of 1, it would be a difference of 1 point, allowing you to use Atk2 again this turn. Either way forces you to learn to attack and counter.

The only other thing I'd add is that the HP be 10 points so if Player 1 uses Atk3 and Player 2 uses Def1, Player 2 loses 2 hp instead of only 1 for the loss. The 10 starting hp would make it a bit of a better game.
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