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Old 07-13-2010, 10:07 PM
KarmaChameleon KarmaChameleon is offline
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Default Interesting dichotomy

So I was thinking about this today.

I love to read comic books, I love to play all video games (but that includes RPGs), I read fantasy novels, and I watch anime and cartoons.

I had to hide these facts in high school. I mean I definitely did what I wanted to do. I played football and soccer, I was in choir and a jazz band and I did theatre.

So despite some misgivings about the adaptations of the source material, I was happy that they starting developing movies based on comic books. I asked my little brother who is a senior in high school if people were talking about it, and to my surprise nothing has changed.

Why is it that:

A popular kid can go to watch Iron Man, but only a dork reads Iron Man?
Playing Borderlands is completely acceptable, but playing WoW is not?
Reading Sin City or the Watchmen is okay but reading Umbrella Academy or Fables isn't?

Why is the difference still there? And it's the exact same thing. My brother runs track and plays ultimate frisbee (totally different build), but he can't so much as mention any comic books?

I mean my girlfriend is the same way. I think she's drop dead gorgeous (probably I should probably naturally think right? ) but she reads comics and watches anime. But when I met her she actually had a secret stash of anime and comic books in her closet in a bin. (It was a surprise when we both realized we liked those things).

Because let's face it. When was the last time you brought a girl (or boy) home, they saw your copies of cowboy bebop, trigun, and samurai champloo and immediately went "please bed me". Sure, my actual friends don't judge me anymore, but it's certainly a taboo subject among most social circles if you want a chance to have company for the night.

But why? It's so silly. (I realize I say that and still hide it). But why do we do it?
Old 07-13-2010, 10:32 PM
BlueDude2 BlueDude2 is offline
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Depending on where your high school is and what kind of culture is perpetuated by the parents of said students. In Japan, for instance, manga and light novels are common place and those that do not read them are generally not a member of the flow of things.

In America, older generations in non-metropolitan diversified (multi-racial) areas typically don't associate new media with cultural values they are comfortable with. Television and films have been around much longer. Graphic novels today are light years ahead of the comics of 50 years ago, but to your parents they are still just kid stuff. Anime and modern animation techniques are likewise new forms of expression that do far more for the psyche than cheesy special effects have yet to catch up with in terms of visual fiction, but your parents still see cartoons. Children that take up these mantles of ignorance to the changes in media tend to believe they are universal. When they compose a majority, this becomes the majority culture. This is not a bad thing.

In fact, take it as a noble duty to disseminate these myths by bringing these shadowed figures to the light, and bring the 'cool' factor with it. As far as popularity goes, it all starts with the individual. For instance, a truly cool nerd walks into a room anonymously but can identify with non-nerdy aspects of other people in order to become socially acceptable. Then, one day the transition to comic books, gaming, and anime just seems natural and your friends would never reject you for it. However, if these things are your only hobbies and you share nothing in common with others, yea, it will be hard for you to get laid.

As far as "please bed me" goes, that doesn't happen for the coolest of cool, even, unless the invited person is mentally defective and/or needy (in which case you shouldn't sleep with their STD riddled genitals).

It's not taboo out here in Cali where the avante garde considers Japanimation an art form and the nouveau generation has had 20 years to build up appreciation for the fetishistic "geek" hobbies.
Old 07-14-2010, 01:31 AM
KarmaChameleon KarmaChameleon is offline
Join Date: Jun 2010
Posts: 58

Lol you should talk with my friends Rob and Eric then about the bedding situation. I of course can't claim such status, but they can. Is it clean? Eh, that's not for me to judge, but they have a way with words and their six packs apparently (and before anyone says anything they're both incredibly smart, nice guys making over 6 figures a year). And actually my girlfriend and I met when we hooked up after one night. It just didn't end in a one night stand and I can guarantee she's a sweet, smart, and STD free girl

As for Cali that's interesting. I think before generalizing all of Cali, you have to ask what region you're talking about. I was a theatre major and I'm also Chinese (large family) so I've got about 50 people I know spread all over and I think it differs from region to region. I'm just trying to avoid avant guard over generalizations like when people say New York is better. (I mean have you lived in Buffalo)

I think it depends on the situation too. I work in a business where appearance is very important. Bringing out my inner nerd (as I said) is definitely something I can do around friends, but not around business associates or co-workers especially since I work for the government. No one wants to see their lawyer with a comic book on their desk the wealthy and the indigent alike.

As for Japanese culture I believe you're right. But I was more specifically addressing American culture. I realize I didn't specify that, but I'll make it clear now. (Although I spent a year living in Madrid and I can say that they're even less tolerant about it there.)

I think you're right though. You can chock it up to a combination of American culture, partially regional (although it's hard to say because even saying that a diverse city like LA is more accepting is kind of large claim), and social mores that have been instilled in us.
Old 07-14-2010, 07:30 AM
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Just read what you wanna read, it is as simple as that. There's peer pressure in schools and the majority tries to follow some hyped things or the trend is not to like certain games but who cares? It's up to you if you want to be like everybode else is or if you want to think and choose for yourself.

It's not easy to be "different" but you're better off this way than hanging around with false and superficial people that are all the same.

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