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Old 11-09-2011, 04:00 AM
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Originally Posted by Charista View Post
The constant failure to succeed on honor dumping recently was leading to a lot of recriminations, and had it continued, we may have had to start making examples out of the Botters. Instead, we saw participation in normal attacks flag, and we wound up looking at different recriminations tearing us apart.
Are you saying that you had your suspicions of cheaters and as such chose to not do a thing about it because they joined fights when asked to? That you harbored the cheating and supported it by not taking action against such behavior? That is how it reads to me, but maybe it is just me that is reading it as such.
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Charista Charista is offline
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Bullbound, I did not have evidence that Playa would have been able to use as proof. No one can "prove" someone else is using bots, even if they make a statement that they were using bots. That is why they had to create the Bot detector. If you were to ban anyone that heard someone admit in chat that they botted, every player in every guild on every server would be banned, because at that point, one person's statement makes 49 others guilty. I'm the only one with the guts to say it in front of YOU, so I reject your indignation: I'm pretty certain that if you said no one had said they used bots in your presence that you would be lying. If Playa wants to find the Botters using chat or mail, then just scan the public chats of every guild and Search on "Bot", find the public admissions, then search their mails for whom they told about it, and you'd catch the ones that don't admit in public. You'd catch 90% that way. Since they use a detector, and not chat, they don't consider chat to be adequate evidence for a ban, so my failure to report was correct. Chat has no expectation of privacy, so it's not protected.

I estimate that 30% of all players used Bots daily. That is based on comments from players on other servers, not just observations in Zombunny. It was endemic. Vilifying my knowledge is simply playing favorites because I'm willing to talk about it, where others are not. Everyone knows people that were using bots. Everyone.

And I am going to point out something you said in the "Confessions" thread:

"I don't know how, but maybe someone could make a GreaseMonkey script or similar program that would track the gold and experience from quests offered to display your current average? That way, people could just compare every time when they wish to choose. "

Such a program would shoehorn straight into a Bot to use my techniques. I know when you said that I took it as tacit approval for Botting.
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Old 11-09-2011, 10:32 AM
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Charista, I would wager that your 30% estimation is highly off due to it (likely) being based on anecdotal evidence of the more hardcore users (the playerbase that you are in more common contact with).

As for the detector, it actually proved easier and more accurate to create a detector based on game actions rather than chat admissions.

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Old 11-09-2011, 10:46 AM
Rheavon Rheavon is offline
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While we were never able to compete directly, it is a shame that you guys have left before the opportunity arouse, we were pushing ourselves to get better to someday perhaps we could be included in your rivals. Its always sad to see prominant personalities leave and Zombunny has some of the biggest personalities around. You guys have had an effect on this game that will last long after you have left, for good and for bad. I'd like to extend a thank you from all of The Heavy Hand to the members of Zombunny who have helped make the US S&F what it is now, creating strategies and teaching new people the ins and outs of a game we all enjoy. You all will be missed, good luck in your endevers and we hope to one day meet you guys on the field of battle in this game...or another.
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Old 11-09-2011, 10:50 AM
Charista Charista is offline
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It's true that one of the more hardcore proponents of botting was in Zombunny. Spread its use far and wide. But the comments I referred to on broad usage came from people that didn't use bots via their observations in guilds on other servers, not the proponent. They made me aware that botting had become endemic. (Remember, people were angry with the Botters for blowing the Honor Dumps. They were talking about how they were being used elsewhere, too.)

Botting is far more prevalent among the 100 thirst, 30 mount crowd than the highest level players. They, after all, don't have a monetary interest, and aren't looking for competitive advantage. My methods actually ensured a lot of people wouldn't use bots, because the bots were not competitive against my techniques. That was an interesting side effect of "Confessions"... it drove competitors away from the bots. Oktoberfest wouldn't increase the volume for profiling the 30/100 players, since they don't have the shrooms to use to increase data to profile.
Zombunny: RIP
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It has passed into Myth and Legend.

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Old 11-09-2011, 10:51 AM
Gynx Gynx is offline
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By the way.I dont mean to point the finger at Charista, Bullbound or ItzKoopa..but this thread is/was intended to be more of a thank you/goodbye from opposed to discussing botters and proposed ways of finding them. Maybe it could stay on target.


not a mod..just pointing it out..
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Old 11-09-2011, 11:14 AM
Charista Charista is offline
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I don't think the reasons why Zombunny failed are irrelevant. As a legacy that could prevent other guilds from failing for the same reason, it's a good lesson that others can take out of our downfall. It's better to learn from others' mistakes than your own.
Zombunny: RIP
Time of Death: 17:32 PDT November 14, 2011
It has passed into Myth and Legend.
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Old 11-09-2011, 01:37 PM
ToscanToss ToscanToss is offline
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Originally Posted by Charista View Post
If you were to ban anyone that heard someone admit in chat that they botted, every player in every guild on every server would be banned, because at that point, one person's statement makes 49 others guilty.
I beg yer pa'don...

Wow... I could be the only player left playing S&F?... Scary. Ghost game on ghost servers...

Originally Posted by Charista View Post
Everyone knows people that were using bots. Everyone.
Again that certainty of being right...

Well, I beg to differ. Not that it matters much, but facts are facts, and that matters: I don't. (Well, not until now, that is, reading these posts... So I won't assume (!!!), rather guess, that there are others besides me, who can claim the same, and mean it.)

Anyway, sorry for barging in on what seems like a family squabble/reunion/farewell thread, I'm just slightly allergic these days to hollow threats, promises, and such, toothless rules, meaningless words, double-talk and duplicity, diplomacy, contradictory statements, sweeping dirt under the rug, pretence, all that marvellously clever fakery and posing.
Course all this doomsaying and overwrought seriousness, borderline hate-fuelled glee and gloating, etc. isn't all that encouraging or cheerful either, but so be it...

Yeah, so... sorry about the bitter tone again - forgot to take my daily sweet tablet, and can't find my rose-coloured shades...

Meh, I'm growing a bit wary and disgusted (if that's not too harsh a word - I think it is, but can't be bothered thinking of a better atm.)

Best wishes to you all, and good health to Sai in particular.
Still waters run red...
...behave and be mindful...
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SaiTaan SaiTaan is offline
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Bullbound: Thanks for being a Bunny and for pointing out that EVERY SINGLE THREAD I have ever written got derailed. THANKS COMMUNITY LOL!

Char: I will never forget your commitment, drive, ambition and GREAT sense of humour. You kept Zombunny on top from the day you arrived.

Mallen: You think YOU got emotional ??? It took me 5 days to finally say it out loud to myself before I could tell all of you guys. I am not a highly emotional guy (unless you tick me off and ALL Zombunnies know how well that goes over LMAO) but I can honestly admit I shed a tear or 2 over this one.

To all of you who disprove that everyone knew there were Botters out there stuff it. We are NOT accusing just stating a fact that players knew others were botting. I was vehemently against botting most players I knew from other guilds were very impressed that I had 6 champs (1 per 6 servers) and I did everything manually. I know for a fact a lot of players did/do it all manually to them I applaud you !

To ALL of my Zombunnies past and present I say Thank you ALL of you for making the last 2 years on server 1 the best time and most fun I have had on any online game I have ever played.

Koopa and Playa Games....Keep it up I am on Bloodmoon (WereBunny top wolf pack on the server SURPRISE ! LOL)and loving it there too.

To the community at large I would like to tell all of you to STFU and have fun! That is the ONLY way you will survive the Death of your guilds as well. Keep it Light and stay ambitious. It worked for us vs Legacy, Libertines and REAL when we took the #1 spot. FUN makes all the difference. I want to thank every player I have ever encountered for giving me reasons (good or bad) to stay on the game and keep being the Best I could make our guild out to be.

Special Props to these Zombunnies:
MizerMalice: My comrade in arms on 17 games so far. If not for you I would never have started playing this game.
JimJones: One of teh original Bunnies, recruiter, fun lover and good guy all around. You helped make Zombunny a top guild.
Charista: You know what you did and if you ever do it again I want to be there at your side fighting for what is right!
Girlie: This guild would never have been as much fun without you. Thanks and kiss the Unicorn for us all. Glad I found Pink letters
Gynx: Morale officer. Endless fun and good times from you and your love for Laughs and Smiles.
TempestMight: Second officer ever to be promoted up. Hats off to you my friend.
Douchebaggerson: Thanks for being a Douchebaggerson
Too many others to mention specifically. I love you all !

Diesel, Glykon, Bain and a host of other top players from the server, Thank you for your help, aide and commitment to our guild for the times you spent with us.

To every other Bunny out there. Stay Furry my Friends

Koopa/BB you can lock this one down now.
[SIGPIC][/SIGPIC] Eximo Lepus Penitus ~ Unleash the Bunny Within

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Originally Posted by mallen View Post
BMW, show some respect. Zombunny's run wasn't an effect of botting. It was an effect of hard work, by dedicated ass kickers. Your comment was ignorant & uncalled for
Yet probably true ...
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