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Old 01-16-2016, 07:45 PM
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I like the idea of finding shrooms from A mine whether it be dem mine ( tbh rather have it be gems and keys only( I have all my keys on s3)).

Rather then a shroom mine cause we know Playa wont do that cant make money if ppl can get them every hour or 2 from a mine. How about an archaeology dig site. can find anything from shrooms, pots(including Poel) to gold and gear.
Just random thinking, but if they wanted to go with a mystery mine (thanks, BMW) - they maybe they could make it so it's a flat rate and can't be upgraded. My first thought would be to put it under the gem mine section, and then we could pick if we want to search for gems or if we want to search the other mine. The thing is, make the other mine so it takes like 6 hours to complete. A set amount of wood and stone so that it's the same for everyone. There would be nothing in there to upgrade for, whereas we upgrade the gem mine to get better stats on the gems, therefore it would be logical to make it a flat rate. Just a thought

Originally Posted by feefty View Post
Yeah not down with the shrooms idea from gem mine. Takes too long to look for gems as it is would hate to have 5 or so shrooms pop up as a reward. BTW why the heck are there luck gems????
Just curious, is your gem mine upgraded like BMW's?

On the servers I play on, my mines are between 4 and 7, so the time and cost is still relatively low. I'm also not getting huge numbers on my gems either.

Luck gems=toilet fodder for me. 30 mana points.
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Old 01-16-2016, 08:19 PM
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My mine is only 13 at the moment, pretty sure his was 17? But still, would not want mushrooms to be implemented into the gem mine along with stat gems. The second tab for a shrooms search would be OK for when everything is upgraded to max.
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