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Old 09-14-2015, 09:32 PM
Dorian Grimmson Dorian Grimmson is offline
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Default Honor milestones

Okay, howaboutTHIS?

Honor milestones. As a character progresses and their honor increases they will achieve milestones of particular scores. At each milestone a single ability is unlocked. A total of ten abilities are available. Players are able to choose from their available abilities and apply a single ability to their character. The ability will appear on the character portrait as: Player Name the Ability [Guild]. Each ability has an effect not unlike the witches enchantments on gear. A player can change the active ability once per day at the cost of a shroom. It remains active until changed and obviously only one can be active at a time.

No thought as to what the milestone numbers should be. In no particular order (the better the ability, the higher the milestone needed to achieve-- I'll let better minds figure that out!) Descriptors would be dependent on good/evil!

(Ig)Noble: Mount performs better
(Venom)Silver-tongued: Discount in the shops
Taunter: Negate first critical hit received in Arena fights
(In)Famous: Increase Epic Chance in the shops, and/or quests
Storied: Extra drink per day in the tavern
(Dreadful)Awesome: More gold looted from Arena opponents
(Feared)Popular: Shorten time between arena visits
(Terrifying)Inspiring: Choose one guildmate, the next guild battle (attack or defense) that character gets one additional attack (a deathstrike, if you will)
Commanding: More gold from working City Guard
Intimidating: Lose less gold from defeats in the Arena

That's ten which seems about right to me. They wouldn't need to be (and should not be) huge benefits but be something different from what is available. My concern would be high level/high honor characters really reaping some benefits but I think a benefit that is just enough to be a slight perk would make the game interesting for players without being unbalancing. Note that I suggest these abilities NOT impact combat (with two exceptions) but be more applicable to character 'flavor' and descriptive of the heroic legends we are.

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