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Old 02-06-2017, 11:57 AM
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Default No interactions when tab is changed

1.Description of the bug. What did you do before the bug appeared?
I load the website in a tab, then change to a different tab and move back. Everything on the S&F website will not react on me attempting to interact with it. I have seen the website react in the same way twice when I had a program auto-fullscreen, but I can't reproduce this variant. Going on a different tab does always result in S&F not reacting anymore though unless I reload the website.

2.When did the bug appear, meaning time and date?
I am having this issue since around christmas. I haven't written down since when exactly.

3.Can you reproduce the bug?
I have it every single day, every time I open the website. The moment I go on a different tab, I will no longer be able to do anything without reloading the website.

4.Have you made a screenshot (Print Screen)?
Interaction possible (notice that "Magic Shop" is highlighted)

Go to different tab

Return to S&F, interaction not possible (no highlight anywhere)

5.Browser details. Include the browser type and version (for example: Mozilla 5.2.8); The version of Adobe Flashplayer (click); System details; Internet connectivity and activity; and anything else you feel pertinent to the problem.
Mozilla Firefox 49.0.2
Adobe Flashplayer 24,0,0,194
Windows 8.1 64-bit
I played the game with three different kinds of internet since the bug happened: via LAN at my residential home, via WIFI in university and via WIFI in the Hostel I am now staying at. All with the same result.
I usually have at least one other tab open which is almost always Youtube. Occassionally, I also have open: Hotmail, Facebook, TV Tropes, random News Websites. The bug happens, no matter on which tab I go. It also happens if S&F is the only website and I simply open a new empty tab.

6.Your In-game name and the server on which the bug appeared.
I have it with both of my accounts, "Lynegin Yunidock" on Server 10 and Server 14.
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Old 02-06-2017, 10:04 PM
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Hi, Moony.

I believe Leander said he was having issues since the last update with the FireFox browser.

Could you try a different browser (I use the Chrome browser because a few updates ago, I had issues using the FF browser not working properly with the game.)

I know this isn't a fix, but just to test if it's the FireFox browser, maybe try to use Chrome, IE, or another browser and see if the bug happens there.
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Old 02-07-2017, 04:03 PM
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Why do you have the Flash information open? It is only displayed if you right-click the Flash game.

Does restarting Windows help?
Refreshing the browser?
If nothing helps, please delete your Flash cache to see if it fixes your problem.

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