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Old 12-22-2010, 09:49 PM
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Default High top end end damage weapons and multipliers for strength and crits for warriors.

Hey all,

First post I've made, I've been building a warrior on S1. And I've noticed that even weapons with high amounts of strength are nothing in comparison to a weapon with high top end damage after strength factors in.

For instance currently I have a "Thorn Blade of Epic Superpowers"

it's stats are: DMG 29-87 (58), Strength +25, Constitution +19.

After you factor in my Strength (548, and i'm lvl 29) my DPS turns into:


My previous weapon was a hammer with DMG 47-63 (56) and it's more like 2100ish-2350-ish damage wise.

I know that the top end damage of a weapon must be the single most important factor at this point as a result. and that spending mushrooms to cycle till a good weapon with decent stats and a high top end damage is worth it as a result.

But what are the multipliers for the stat of strength? And how do crits factor? They aren't just times two multipliers from what I've seen since they grow in damage every swing.

I've kind of burned through some money trying different weapons out, even if the average base damage is higher with a weapon, in the long run high top end damage and a decent crit rate seem FAR more effective in keeping fights short.

Anyone else have input on this subject? Thanks in advance.

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