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Old 12-05-2011, 06:56 PM
Rizathivax Rizathivax is offline
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This is intended as the main information thread for F.A.M.E. The recruitment is mainly to be on the servers by agents through member guilds, through the Guild Section & by PM on the forum. I'm trying to place all the "bits" where they make the most sense. That is why the history has it's own Post in the Guild section where it started. Also why the first invitations where made by PM to the Adventurer level forum members. This is where we will send the future members to find the answer their questions. These very same questions you're asking now. As we start putting the recruitment threads in the Alliance & Merger section for the different servers they will all link here, so there won't be multiple lengthy threads for each server.

Communication between guild members is spotty at best, between guilds even worse. Between players it almost doesn't exist. The "Challenges" are meant to help improve that. As "Challenges" are made & rejected or accepted, players will be communicating. Nothing improves without use, maybe it will even lead to a list of "dead" guilds & players. Nothing is more frustrating than sending out an invitation or asking for one & never hearing anything back.

F.A.M.E. hopes the build the Shakes & Fidget community by promoting communication, participation & education. I have talked to players who never thought about joining a guild before I mentioned it to them, guild leaders who did't know that only they can edit their guild descriptions, the list goes on & on. We are each in a position to help people enjoy the game far more than they do now, plus each person we help is that much more likely to stay, help others & invite their friends to come play this great game.
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DeadMeat (12-06-2011), WebsteR (12-08-2011)
Old 12-08-2011, 09:01 AM
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You can add me as an agent of F.A.M.E. on s1 ,s3 and s5.
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Rizathivax (12-08-2011)
Old 04-30-2012, 03:43 PM
Rizathivax Rizathivax is offline
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This looks like it's a good time to point out that our Agents are required to have something to the effect of "F.A.M.E. Agent" or at least "F.A.M.E." somewhere in their character description. Our member guilds only need something to the effect of "Member of F.A.M.E." or just "F.A.M.E." in their guild description, the guild leaders don't need anything in their character descriptions unless they decide to become Agents themselves.

Note: All member guilds & Agents will be listed here, so if you're wondering whether someone really is an Agent & for all other F.A.M.E. information, this will be the one place to come.

Also Note: If you want to be an Agent on multiple servers, contact me by PM, for single server guilds, the recruitment threads will be in place in the Alliances & Mergers areas of the forum soon or contact any Agent.

I have updated the member listings on the front page of this thread & expanded the post titled "F.A.M.E. members on server 7" to include server 8, plus Canada's first server. It has been re-titled "F.A.M.E. members on servers 7, 8 & Canada 1" accordingly.

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