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masoud 07-01-2012 01:33 AM

Show some respect to free players
I know S&F is a business, but free players are your precious assets that you dont concern to them.
You always talk like you are so much much much much much kind and good because you let free players go to dungeon and play this game without purchasing :shroom: but you dont realize how much they are precious.

They dont purchase :shroom: but they are still part of this game, if they leave this game, here wont have much fun.

A good game must care about their free players.
:shroom: must be for whom wants to grow fast, they support developers of this game and developers let them to grow fast.
Free players must grow slower but they still must have privilege to use every part of this game.

They must have privilege to play every part of this game like :shroom: players.
They must be able to go to arena.
They must have chance to equip good Items.(less than :shroom: players)
They must be able to join to guild as use benefits.
They should have privilege to donate mushrooms that they found from adventures to guild.
They must freely go to dungeon like :shroom: players.

They only difference must be :shroom: players grow faster.
Care about your free players, if they feel this game is only for :shroom: players they leave this game.

GeorgeKen 07-01-2012 03:50 AM

lol what on earth's name are you talking about.... Besides the part where you say about not being able to donate mushrooms to the guild which is true, the rest are all available to non-shroom players....?!?!?

masoud 07-01-2012 05:13 AM

Dude if free players can not donate their :shroom: that they found from adventures that's equal to they can not enjoy from a part of game.

I dont want only discuss about donating :shroom:, I want to tell you about value of free players that developers dont care, that's why I made new thread to discuss.
In my opinion free players only must grow slower.

Plus if they worry about 25 free :shroom: at the beginning, its not a good solution to avoid multiaccounts.

Imagine Im a leader and my guild need :shroom:
1. I make a new account and I receive 25 free :shroom:
2. I spend 4.99$ and purchase some :shroom:
3. I donate purchased :shroom: + 25 free :shroom: to guild
4. Next time I want to purchase :shroom: to donate to guild again I make new account to receive 25 free :shroom:

Their solution is not good at all to avoid multiaccount, this solution only ignore free players.

A good solution is NO BODY be able to donate their free 25 :shroom:
Please care more about free players. They are not insignificant, they are a part of game.

bobo baggins 07-01-2012 05:31 AM

No one can donate free shrooms nor those given in quests you are only able to donate up to the amount you bought. It might seem like you can if you use some after buying shrooms but it is letting you only donate the amount bought

example: you buy 100 shrooms and have 32 from sign up and quests giving you 132. You use 3 for thirst then decide to donate 100even though you used 3 you can still donate 100 since you bought 100.

masoud 07-01-2012 05:57 AM

I thought if :shroom: players find :shroom: in adventures they can donate it but free players can not.

If :shroom: players can not donate their :shroom: that they found from adventures hence there is no room for objection.

Thanks for reply

Bullbound 07-01-2012 06:02 AM

In addition, you talk about how Playa doesn't respect the free players, but there are many games that do not allow a free player to progress past a certain point or participate in many aspects. S&F is one of the few games that does not have exclusive content for paying players. We can't name browser based multiplayer games on here, or I would start a list for you of games that don't allow free players to do half the game's content. Here, a frugal free player can do everything. Plus, you get at least 1 free mushroom every day, so you are in a way being paid with virtual goods just for playing.

masoud 07-01-2012 10:55 AM


there are many games that do not allow a free player to progress past a certain point or participate in many aspects
I know a lot of games myself that they don't let free players use a certain part of game.
But look at their destiny, how many players they have? Free players leave those kind of games after a certain time.
Even premium players don't enjoy the game if they see there is not much players.

I don't want to be rude, but if in S&F free players can use every part of game that doesn't mean developers are gentle to free players. Free players can use every part of game because they are deserve to use all part of the game.

If you are not agree with me lock some part of game for free players and see consequence.

Gynx 07-01-2012 11:57 AM

I dont really understand your argument personally.
And trust me, theres a few users on here who seem to maybe have been given a raw deal about one or more things..and I think I am one of them..but I happily am willing to defend the game and the I have literally nothing to gain by defending them. Thats another story however.

The game gives each player 1 shroom per day. If you save this up, you will have enough to either buy the dragon/griffin mount, do more quests in a day, perhaps buy an epic from the shop, use them to do dungeons more often or just attack people in the arena more frequently.

You are also given shrooms to start, more when you confirm your email, and if you stay away from the game for a specified time, an email will be generated that entices you with 10 (?) shrooms to come back to playing. Again, this isnt A LOT of shrooms. Shroomers use 10+ shrooms a day to do 300 thirst, and many more potentially if one shrooms the shops, dungeons or attacking other people for honour (or spite! ;) ).
As the developers make NO money for the game initially (the game is free for any/all after all), and only get money if one chooses to be a shroomer..and mentioned..there is no part of the game that is restricted to shroomers only (though I suppose the argument can be made that donating shrooms to a guild is restricted), then the only issue is that you aren't as powerful or as high level as some other players because of their shroom usage. does this affect your enjoyment of the game?
Are you mad because you arent a top 10 player? Well, you likely wont be unless you shroom..which is unfortunate but true. However, it is entirely possible. Still, you could save up once a month and have the griffin for a few weeks and level a wee bit faster. But does this affect your gameplay in that you cant join a top guild, beat a certain dungeon, or acquire a specific item? No.
All items can be had by defeating dungeons and/or putting items in the toilet. Some guilds require shroomers..some dont. Thats up to the individual guild and/or player. And all dungeons can be beat eventually, given enough time.

So whats the issue?

It isnt like the developers and mods only listen to people who shroom. Anyone can request features, ask questions, make complaints, whatever on here or via support.
And it isnt like areas are restricted to shroomers as mentioned above and previously.
And it isnt like you couldnt be a hybrid shroomer/non-shroomer by saving up shrooms and using them wisely.
And you mentioned its a the developers have to make money there are no adverts in the game. If certain levels or items or dungeons or guilds were reserved for shroomers only, there'd likely be A LOT more complaints.
So the whole complaint is really that you either wont or cannot pay for shrooms. I understand if you cant pay. It can be pricey, and the economy stinks all around, and hey, I am out of work right now myself. So I understand about not having the funds to throw into this game when payments to keep the lights on is more important. dont want to pay..because it seems unreasonable or something.
Well..thats your own choice. I dont know how many people pay as opposed to those that dont. I suspect the people who pay pales in comparison to the thousands who do not. So the problem for you is value. Are you getting enough return on your dollar/pound/euro/whatever as compared to the people who pay. Some would say yes, many would say no. Hence they dont pay. You have every right to complain about it...but I just dont understand your argument.

masoud 07-01-2012 01:47 PM

Gynx thanks for reply.
Let me tell you why I created this thread.
I was browsing the forums and suddenly I found a thread that they discussing about donating mushrooms to guilds.
They wrote: "Once you purchase mushrooms then you can donate mushrooms as much as you like to guild"

I thought its not fair at all, why if :shroom: players find shrooms in adventure they can donate it but free players can not donate it.
My fault, Im sorry, thanks to "bobo baggins" for explanation.
I appreciate developers for this game and Im sorry because my fault.

Im not a shroom player, I never be a premium player in any games, of course I have 4.99$ but problem is I live in Iran and here is no paypal no visa card etc...
I have enough experience to know how to be strong even if you are not premium player. I just wanted to say its not fair if premium players can donate :shroom: of adventures and free players cant.
If premium players can not donate adventure :shroom: then I give back what I said.
Im sorry developers, you are so adorable.

Rizathivax 07-01-2012 05:17 PM


Originally Posted by masoud (Post 44630)
I was browsing the forums and suddenly I found a thread that they discussing about donating mushrooms to guilds.
They wrote: "Once you purchase mushrooms then you can donate mushrooms as much as you like to guild"

masoud, it would have been a little more helpful to have questioned what they wrote on the thread where it was posted. Then we could have cleared up this misunderstanding at the source. :az:

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