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bobo baggins 11-30-2012 09:18 AM

Poll on the tower update
I am wondering what everyone thinks about the tower part of the update now that everyone has had time to play it for a few days now

Edit: You can choose more then one answer

Ragorth the Vengeful 11-30-2012 10:21 AM

For me it is difficult to fit in 1 of the provided options, so here an answer in text form:

As you see in my suggestion to the tower including the drops I'm having it is borderline, I see stuff that should have been discussed before development* - again something to do, great this time something for the highs - but I have no "steering" option for the boat, the river of luck defines its route entirely. So the general content idea "good", but the way of "providing" it: too much luck, too little skill and no improvement to class balance in the high domains, let me explain below:

Ok I now have 74% gold bonus, may be I'm able to get to 76% but not much more. The reason for this is the fighting force of the team:
- more and more outdated equipment without replacement (+298 or + 360 is a significant difference for an allstat item, with pure luck determining the drops and also the results of the toilet there is the issue - not the best players beat most levels but the most lucky ones. You directly depend on the tower drops because they scale with opponent levels where as your main is bound to its level + aura = max. 317-320 as possible epic from shops)

As a mage player:
Value of companions: hunter >>> warrior >>>>> mage.
Evasion is once again the key to the success, because the girl rocks as damage provider, against warriors she can score double as my main - even with the far from perfect equipment resulting from tower drops.
The scaling of health points times 8 for mage opponents makes the companion mage worthless in my eyes - providing int equip for main att at opponent level equals 2 battle rounds if there is 1 crit, providing epics or endurance equip makes more rounds with little damage.
This is the way the mage suffers from lacking drinks (or boosted base stats like the warrior) because of his little healthpoint multplier - as a result the fights are trending to 3 against 1 and the opponents getting nearly 60 million HP with 9000 main att = feeling back in the 13th dungeons, no chance in winning if the hunter leaves too much over since the fully potioned 6mio HP of the main are 1/4 of the remainder of the bosses...

a): dungeon drops 50/50 for companions and with useful order. For example you have A1 to A9 and B1 to B9, makes 45 drops for each companion and can be predefined in order and therefore stats (yes no luck, the equal equip for everybody reaching a level = focus on main behind them). The 10 open items should be drops for your own class and starting at ~level 70 for helping in raids and dungeon progress of the level 300 fraction.
b) a predictable toilet result like main turns into main for companion, endurance stays endurance, the target companion should be selectable for epics because they are too expensive to waste
c) ... there is more - but you need to think a lot about balance impacts, a thing that would be on my changelist: advantage of hunters against HP monster warriors need to be enabled for the other classes, since taking them away from hunters is already too late

bobo baggins 11-30-2012 10:27 AM

Sorry you should be able to chose more then one answer.

spiny norman 11-30-2012 10:39 AM

I like the tower, but especially I like the mirror. Being able to fight in the arena and do dungeons while either questing or working allows one to keep busy: start a quest, then check the dungeon or arena timer.

My problem with the tower is that it is an either/or. I'm spending all my gold upgrading my tower minions, thus my own character development has languished. I was only earning enough for 5 stat points a day, but that adds up. I hope that eventually the gold bonuses from the tower will make up for it, but early on the cost is steep.

bobo baggins 12-01-2012 12:36 PM

Yeah I will be starting a poll soon on the mirror when more ppl get it completed and get to use it more

Lord Arse 12-02-2012 02:35 AM

I'm choosing to spend all my gold in levelling the minions up until they reach mine. Only 20 away for each one now. At least then, I'll be able to spend the gold on my own character again and only have to level the minions up one each, since they can't go above your own level.

Shiket 12-02-2012 07:51 AM


Originally Posted by Lord Arse (Post 47756)
I'm choosing to spend all my gold in levelling the minions up until they reach mine. Only 20 away for each one now. At least then, I'll be able to spend the gold on my own character again and only have to level the minions up one each, since they can't go above your own level.

I don't quite agree with using all the gold on companions. I personally think it's a little bit too much. As we get the gold from quests, we also level up meaning we're just continuously spending ridiculous amounts of gold on leveling THREE different classes. Either the price should be reduced or they should level up by themselves. The gold income isn't enough to cover the minions, guild, personal stats and shop items.

Other than that, the tower is a great addition to the game, along with the mirror. I still feel that S&F's combat is lacking something. We need some effects on weapons. Something like a gem system, so that if you put a gem on your axe it deals 5% of the enemy HP in damage every hit. (That's just an example).

spiny norman 12-02-2012 08:53 AM

25% of people don't like the changes to the toilet, and I'm not sure why. If you use it like you did before, dropping in 1 item per day, it works just like it used to, except rather than give the item back, it gives it back with different stats and no resale value. So that is a net positive, although a small one.

using the toilet to convert items for your minions is always going to be a crap shoot. There are many more ways to make an item worse than to make it better: just look at how infrequently the store has something useful. But no one is forcing you to do this.

It would be nice if, for example, the toilet converted a normal item to an epic on 1 of every 100 drops. I haven't seen this happen and doubt that it does, but it might improve player's enthusiasm.

Gynx 12-04-2012 12:25 PM

until you get a weapon for each minion, the tower is next to pointless.
that should be the first item dropped for each class..or at least, a 50% drop of that within the first 3, 5, 10 dungeons.
As it stands, I am more than a third of the way through..and still dont have a weapon for my scout, shield for my warrior, and have been getting far too many +LUCK items which are pointless after perhaps using 1 on each minion.

BMWGuinness 12-04-2012 12:36 PM

No EXP Gain = Not Worth the time

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