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solarrocker 08-17-2011 06:48 PM

Guild Raid 2 (The 6 1/2 seas)
"When are we going, I'm tired off waiting!" Firedragonz was anxious to go on her first guild raid! "Patience little one, patience" Solar tried to hold back the guild that was so eager to strike fear into what was to be found on these waters. As a guild they had rented a little swan paddle boat to go onto the 6 1/2 seas. Wondering why they had to spend over 200000 gold for this swan nobody really did, all where focused on what might come soon!

"I see something coming" Screamed Firedragonz as she went to the front off the boat! "Where!" asked Jaime. Firedragonz corpse hit the boats poopdeck before anybody could even blink. Jaime jumped up and saw the banshee. "BANSHEES AT STARBOARD!". Everybody looked to the left off the boat. "That be a whale Jaime!" Said Solar. In the meantime Jaime was fighting off wave after wave off enemies to the right off the swan boat. "I see nothing said Etaren. "Sure is pretty those whales" said Thacirius. "Aye, they be mammals ye know!" said Wolfen. "Ooooh, Aaawh" the whole guild was in awe from the sight. Suddenly a loud bash came from the right of the boat and there went Jaime flying through the air! "AAAAH" Eteran screamed as her body went down. Thacirius tries to hold back a grey vulture that came out off nowhere but alas he as well has to lie down for a while. The whole guild suddenly realizes that starboard does not mean right and springs into action. Wolfen tries to attack but got bonked on the head and fell. "Come on men attack" Within a quick strike the grey vulture takes down Jack1, Yokozuna, Noa, Dentiste, at which point minigun got bored and decided to kill the Banshee.

Suddenly in the not so distant distance a strange glow appears. "Hobgoblin's Boat straight ahead!" Tundrz yells!

Still being bored out off his mind Minigun decides to attack, strangely enough he gets hit by a beachball and goes down. Tundrz just decides it is best not to fight at all and fakes his dead. Solar, being the hero, the man, the guild leader decides to conjure up his most dangerous and powerfull spell. With a fire blast of skulls and bunnies he hits the Hobgoblin's boat, which in turn rocks slightly to the right. Solar just stands there blinking while he gets hit with a wet fish. Morbet sees this and in a rage of pure hatred launches at the boat striking a huge hole into its side. Slowly while it sinks Morbet holds the skulls off the Hobgoblin's and giggles in an ever so devilish manner.

"What was that" asks Ignorer as he comes from the toilet.

"Solar got hit by a fish" Says Morbet.

"Ooh, tell him to try a cat next time" laughs Ignorer.

And so ends another guild raid of a dungeon in the world known as Shakes and Fidget. What will be next..... we will find out, soon!

Thaenor 09-17-2011 04:41 PM

that is really in the spirit of Shakes and Fidget. Kudos to you.

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