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pheonix527 12-06-2013 10:31 PM

As the first Thread/Post in the section, I am here to tell you about The Assassins. (Assassins is our IGN) We are a top ranked guild on Server 10 and rising quickly and starting to fill up! We are looking to become a top 5 guild and we are already allies with Be Cool, which will help a bunch! We are currently at 24% bonuses and we are rank 10(That will change after our fight that is in about 2 hours). We have a level 14 fort and we already have 2 maybe 3 people on our waiting list. (Think of it this way, that list wont be long once we upgrade our fort(More people = more donations) Therefore, we can be a great guild. We have a rank 27 member, Wonderful in our guild. Me who is sitting at rank 66 and 4 other people in the top 100!!!! We have 7 level 20s and 1 19 and we already have mushies and shroomers! We are moving up quickly and looking to take out Gold City tomorrow! So join up at the Assassins where your dreams are made into a fight! Thanks for reading, yours truly...


pheonix527 12-21-2013 02:38 PM

Hello all! This is Pheonix412, the leader of the Assassins! We are rank 2! I am level 39, however im in the top 50 players!!!! We have 3 level 40s, a level 50, and a level 60! We are working on improving ourselves, however, once we get the chance, we will attack a dungeon! We improved 5 bonuses today! That is improving! However, we kicked a level 48 for not following the rules (he didnt donate) so that shows that we are strict about rules. If you dont follow them, you WILL be kicked. We are accepting 20s and up but looking more in the level 30 and 40 area. Also, we are giving the top 100 people a better chance in our guild! We base applications on levels, then ranks, then how much passion you show! So, message Pheonix412 or reply on this and we will bring you in soon! See you soon! Oh, btw, we DO have a ban list, so be good! Thank you!


pheonix527 05-11-2014 05:48 PM

Hello! My name is Pheonix412/Pheonix527, depending on the server, and I am here to talk about the and only, Assassins. You see, we are the 2nd place guild and are looking for new members. We need some recruitment done due to recent inactivity. We have about 9 open spots and are looking to fill them all. If you are interested, just message me on server 10, Pheonix412 or just hit that reply button. Of requirements are to be above our guild average, or right below it, which is currently level 129. Our bonuses are at 136%, both of them. We have a full fort and a very talkative guild. So, see you later, and :sf: on!

pheonix527 08-12-2014 08:25 PM

WERE BACK...sorta. The guild went inactive, but we held 9th sooooooo, were still amazing. Im back, I am the current leader of Assassins on S10 obviously. I have talked to GreyRacer and hes more than likely to return. Thank you to all who still play and we hope to see new faces. FIGHT ON!

Seelenfeuer 08-14-2014 01:19 PM

Welcome back guys :)

pheonix527 08-14-2014 09:27 PM

Well thank you

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