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Edthard 12-20-2016 01:58 AM

10% active
I understand some problems with being a server site and so forth..

Along with this, is the idea that with over 300,000 people listed on our server, MOST below 30,000 are under level 15.
And it takes nothing to get ABOVE 30,000 in Hall of Fame. Should take less then 1 week.

To erase an account is Not always a good idea, and in some places it is REALLY not a good idea.(strange laws)
But trying to select people to join a group/clan/... makes it very hard to find ACTIVE people. With at least 90% of those listed, NOT playing.

I would LOVE a Day counter..How many days has person not played. In the Hall of fame.
And if thats not viable..Just a LIGHT/DOT indicator that the person has been online 1 time in the last 2 weeks..<14 days/>14 days
It shows in my Clan/group...Why not in the Hall of fame window..
The Clans would LOVE to have active players. Other wise they are only Fodder...Fodder only IF we have them as members..

I understnad that there are Many reasons to have an Account go inactive. from forgetting a password, to Dying. but we would STILL love to have active members, and I think you Would love to have ACTIVE servers..

I would TAKE a BUMP in my clan to get rid of a few of the dead beats..

HOW about passing this around the the Clans..ask them..if they would take a HIT in the Member counts to have an indicator of ACTIVE people..
An old idea of being a BEGINNER, is to jump into a Clan...the higher the gives you a BIG boost. And an active member in the Clan is better then 10 Team mates that are at 1/4 health..and cant fight.

BMWGuinness 12-20-2016 07:43 AM

I'll just put this right here


Originally Posted by BMWGuinness (Post 57225)
I'd say, if the player is inactive for 3 months, and not part of an active guild, their account could be "hidden" meaning its hidden from others, but as soon as they log back in, its no longer hidden. This way there isn't a purge of the accounts, just a filter based on inactivity.

Edthard 12-21-2016 02:25 AM

Anything to indicate SOME activity,,
Even accounts that Never get over level 10 in 3 months..

Something or anything to show they have been on in 14 days..
Clans with a dominant number of AWAY/Absent players are only working on Attrition..
The biggest ACTIVE clan Iv seen is about 6 players and 20+ INACTIVE..

How many LOWER clans would JUMP in and fight to the top if over 1/2 the people in the UPPER clans disappeared?
Wouldnt it be Interesting to see ALL the new battles, as people figure "WOW, we have a chance to get to the TOP"..

An RPG, with 2/3 of your TEAM dead and those left, are CARRYING you around to get you resurrected... is kinda stupid..MAKE A NEW PARTY..

Edthard 01-22-2017 02:37 AM

No more comments?
Please add more...Anything..

Leander 01-23-2017 10:29 AM

I've forwarded your thoughts in my monthly report. It's up to Playa to change it or not. :)

Sersemina 01-23-2017 02:15 PM


Originally Posted by Edthard (Post 57333)
How many LOWER clans would JUMP in and fight to the top if over 1/2 the people in the UPPER clans disappeared?
Wouldnt it be Interesting to see ALL the new battles, as people figure "WOW, we have a chance to get to the TOP"..

I don't like this idea. We kicked a dozen of the inactive players from our guild several months ago and now we have only 3 inactives that we keep for their knights. I don't want to lose these knights so I don't think players should disappear. If Playa are going to hide(not remove) inactive players, they should give us the option to make them visible again in case we need them for the scrapbook. Hiding players however will create a problem with the hall of fame ranking (I am rank 5 among the visible players, but rank 13 among all???) Also I don't see what the benefits of this hiding will be. What I do when I search for active players is: go through the top 6-10 active guilds (total of 500 players); check for potions and mounts; check for gems and twister epics; if I like a player, check in fortress and pet hall of fame... It's not that much work if you are going to do it every few months. What you could do to indicate any form of activity is add a little circle in the avatar corner that glows in either green or red to show the current online/offline status and probably show a tooltip when you hover on it: "Last active yesterday 14:30" or "Last active more than 14 days ago";

Edthard 02-01-2017 02:28 AM

I just want something to show they have been active...
Taking players from other groups isnt nice, but a good idea.
But if you LIKE your group its a waste of time to even ask..
Finding those Loose players not in guilds isnt easy..
Making those 90% invisible, can be good..but yes there are problems with it. esp for the starting players, looking for easy kills and all those PARTS in the book.
JUST something to show activity, in last 2-4 weeks..
Yes, Iv dropped many...requested many..and we didnt get any JOINERS until we got to the top 50.. I just get tired of having a BUNCH of low level players taking up space.
2 in my group have taken this group to the top 50...think about that..2 players fighting to the top...threw all the clans that have OLD clans with 1/4 HP players... the only thing that SLOWS us down tends to be Attrition.. fighting threw 50 players with NO HP..
YES its great when they can get a GOOD hit in...but its still a 1-2 hit kill..
Just a small indicator would be great. I LOVE beginners, as I can give them GOOD knbowledge and how to make a Good build. Love beating up Min/max..they could FIX them in 1-2 months if SOMEONE would suggest to them..

Edthard 04-19-2017 03:23 PM

Heard anything??

My second character, has recently taken up the Arena..
And even being abit Picky on Whom he fights..
Has lost Few, Won most, and gone up from rank 5000 to rank 2700 in about 1-2 months..
PS..he has not been hit back..
There are so many Dead players that getting a LIVE selection is almost impossible, or they are all dead..

My Primary Character has also started fighting in arena, as Going to the Hall of fame, was getting useless..and not raising him very fast..
And has gone from 500 to the 450 range in about a week..
Im not a heavy fighter, and dont fight allot..only during my 2 hours to get missions done..

Out of all the guilds Around us, only 2 are hitting my guild..Being in the top 50, you would think there would be abit of contention in this area..(allot of fighting) NOPE.. There are 1 person Guilds up here..

There has to be something that can be done..
Change the TOS?
Email everyone and suggest they come back?
Email everyone with a notice about loosing their character?
Something, Please...

I really get the feeling that thinking 90% were/are a LOW estimate..
You could join all these people onto another server..ALL THE ACTIVE ONES..and let the others SIT and rot?? Which would take abit of Juggling as THOSE still playing have been around for AT LEAST 5+ years.. and figuring rank changes and such into another server, would be a REAL job..

PArt of this, is that my Main character has taken along time to build, and all the extra addons, have made my second character take about 1 year to get 1/2 way to my First character... My main had to Fight and scrap all the way up against allot of PLAYING people...Joined a guild, and everyone Quit(they had lives) and I had Friends join to keep things going, and Most of them quit.. And it has taken 2-3 of us to PUSH this guild into the top 50...
And now I find Im fighting Zombies..

Any thoughts, ideas, Maybe a change??

MedusasSnakes 04-19-2017 03:55 PM

Just because you don't get attacked in return doesn't mean people aren't active.

I've been playing for 5 years. I can honestly say in that time, I've attacked from the arena MAYBE 5 times, total.

I don't like using the arena. I am in first place on the server with my first character. I did THAT through questing, not arena fighting.

There are about 8 guilds who are pretty active with attacking each other.

It's the same with the fortress. I get attacked, might lose, but I don't attack back. It's not a part of the game that thrills me, so I don't use it.

Edthard 04-19-2017 11:30 PM

I just want Humans to play with..
Iv told my Guild, that IF we attack a Guild, we fight all of them, including Zombies..
IF they attack us, its only the few humans..

And there are Lots of high level Zombies...

Would be nice to get to the top..IF you look at my Join date, I have been here along time. And the limits on how many you can EARN in a fight, make it a long way to the Top.. As a Guild..fighting for the extra points is faster way to the top, but fighting groups of 25+ with only 3-4 players?? Low level players may not like it to much getting killed by level 150-200 zombies..

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