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solarrocker 10-01-2011 06:57 PM

The Shallows Of The Deep Sea
The Shallows Of The Deep Sea

[These stories are for entertainment only, any and all relevance to real people is completely done on purpose. Should you disagree with any off the story I would recommend writing your own. Enjoy it, and comment if you wish to see more!]

"I hope this is worth it" said Morbet, still feeling the sting in his wallet from donating way to much. "I heard there's much treasure and experience to gain "Said Blizzicus.

Solar only looked out over the distance of their newly acquired boat, in a calm voice he said "I'm hungry, is there any 'I can't believe it's not chicken' left?". "No sir you ate the last cat" said Tundrz. "Darn" said Solar "Anybody got any dwarf meat?". "Sir I am a dwarf, why must you eat our kind so often" asked Blizzicus. "Well Blizz, stop being so delicious and we will talk about changing my diet" said Solar.
From the distance a howl came closer, over the waves it was Nikkita that saw the first Banshee scout "Sir they are approaching" said Nikkita. "DWARF MEAT?!" let Solar out in a scream of hunger. "No, a banshee, you do know we are in a dungeon right?" Said Nikkita in a sarcastic voice. "Yeah, yeah I know" Solar waved her voice away from his brain.
The scream sounded closer, suddenly before them a Banshee appeared above the waters, it had to be at least a level 10 or so. Not sure what that means, but it was holding a sign saying level 10 banshee and insurance sales.
Nikkita jumped and in a swift swoop killed the banshee. Solar in the meantime took out his sun chair and started to salt Blizzicus his arm. "Cut that out will you sir" said Blizzicus in a commanding voice. "Rumble rumble" Answered the stomach of Solar.
Soon Nikkita could not keep up with the waves off banshees and vultures. by the 4th banshee she gave up. Firedragonz jumped over the body and attacked the very next one., however a lvl 26 sign was knocked in her face. "WT...." with a small headache Firedragonz killed the Grey Vulture and even before she could breath she was knocked out by a lvl 36 Banshee. "Why are all these damn things holding signs " asked Ignorer. "Wish I knew, why can't they hold food!" Solar was now heavily drooling.
One after another fell and soon half the guild was a sleep on the floor.

"My turn" Said Solar.

Suddenly the waters around the boat turned black. Dark clouds circled around them, and a piercing sound came from the debts off the ocean. A giant starfish came from below, with a evil grin he attacked Solar!

"Come at me ye beast off the debts, be the a starfish, be the a 'Starfish of Death' (Shakes and Fidget tm).
Blow after blow solar took, blow after blow Solar gave. The rest of the guild where taking pictures of the scenery, doing some local fishing, and trying to explain to a group of Japanese tourists that this was not France and they had no clue where the Louvre was.
"Finally, I have defeated the great evil from below!" said Solar. "Sorry" said Dentist, "You said something?"
"I found a cat!" said Lovage. "Great, give it here" said Solar.
As the smell of BBQ was rising the guild felt that this dungeon might have been too easy. "Lets start heading to the next one then shall we" said Solar.

"AYE!" the guild agreed!
See you next time, keep the game alive!

WebsteR 10-04-2011 07:09 PM

Are you going towrite one of these for every guild ride? :D

solarrocker 10-04-2011 07:24 PM

Yep, that the idea!

demonwarrior 10-16-2011 04:02 AM

all 50 of them?!? lol

solarrocker 10-16-2011 08:35 AM

Yep all 50 off them, just made "The preschool of horror" today.

demonwarrior 10-17-2011 05:01 AM

cool, nice stories,i like it :D

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