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Bullbound 10-29-2011 09:18 PM

The gold bonuses didn't go into effect on time. They went in later.

DominicS 10-29-2011 09:24 PM


Originally Posted by Bullbound (Post 35328)
The gold bonuses didn't go into effect on time. They went in later.


I really appreciate you trying to help, Bull. I can see you jumping across all the different threads and forums trying to help. But when you don't really read the statement or question, your answer doesn't really help. :D

I am aware that the bonuses didn't go in on time. I even sent you a PM about something I thought I had read about that issue. And in my post I did say that I started my shift BEFORE the server was reset and the gold bonuses were in place and it finished AFTER the server was reset and gold bonuses were in place.

Maybe I am using the wrong terminology, and for that I apologize. I am not talking about the midnight reset, but the reset where the gold bonuses were actually put into play. The reason I say "reset" is because that is what the message stated when I went to my guild tab. "Server has been reset at xx:xx".;)

But thank you for trying to help. It is a lot more than other people do.

Bullbound 10-29-2011 09:27 PM

Ah. I thought you were talking about the server reset. The 5x gold was bugged really bad on the German servers, so they had to delay it there. This may have been one of the bugs that slipped through. I had guard duty that finished after the change and was set before the event, but it gave me the multiplied gold. I'm not sure why it wouldn't have done it for you, as it should have.

blackhatnot 10-30-2011 08:59 AM

Is Playa Games considering delaying the end of the event by the same amount of time as the start delay?

ToscanToss 10-30-2011 10:10 AM

That should go without saying, as a... what are these things called again... 'Meek amends?' 'Weak friends?' 'Weak ends?'

Anyway, these two-day long periods at the end of each week, they consist of 48 hours, according to my advanced algebraic calculations. Even for slightly weak-minded and spastic game developers, that remains a fact. Question is, are they apt, able, capable, competent enough to read a calendar and set their watches?... Or, actually, can they even tell which hand is which?...

@Playa: the fat, short stick shows the 'hour,' the long skinny stick shows the 'minutes.' Now, there may be an even longer, skinnier stick moving round the usually round, flat surface with markings - dots or lines, with or without numbers next to them (oh, bother... at this point we may have to teach them the Arabic and Roman numerals, it just dawned on me...); if that one is moving really quickly compared to the other two, it shows the 'seconds.'

I hope that helps. (Hopefully that should ease their task, and things will go more smoothly this time... Blimey... let's hope we don't have to begin by explaining the concept of time to them. That'll just have to be another lesson.
All this could take a while... Well, maybe the next event roll-out, maybe they'll get that one right... by accident.)

As to when it will end... Blackhatnot, do you really still hold out hope they told anyone here?...
Knowing the way they operate and communicate?...
I, personally, gave up on such hopes, for the time being. I'd welcome a pleasant surprise regarding their willingness and conscientious efforts to communicate with their support staff and their consumers, the players - something like a 180 degree, diametrical change in their attitude towards us all - but am not holding my breath at this point...

My guess is, the answer will be 'we don't know.' (Surprise us.)

Bullbound 10-30-2011 02:08 PM

I did some searching and found that when the event first began on the German servers, they discovered a large number of bugs. This delayed the release and they pushed it back with every intention of running it for 48 hours. The programmed start time appears to have been carried over to all servers here. I can't speak for other countries.

Charista 10-30-2011 02:58 PM

Please ignore this comment. I was wrong.

DominicS 10-30-2011 03:13 PM


Originally Posted by Charista (Post 35402)
Well, it's done now. Gold is back to normal.

Wow. How far ahead are you Charista? I am in the Eastern US and my quests are still giving me the inflated gold bonuses. :ai:

ToscanToss 10-30-2011 03:59 PM


Originally Posted by Charista (Post 35402)
Please ignore this comment. I was wrong.

From me, that gets a 'wow.' A first, as far as I know - though admittedly, I know very little. :)

Congrats, Charista - a very respectable statement, deserving of a thank you and the Seal of Socrates.
(Might be tongue-in-cheek, Charista, but not being sarky - I do respect that.)

And so this event is supposed to last till around Monday, 12 PM server time, BB.

Well, all in all, not bad - some may have been fortunate enough to take full advantage of this, and get in three full server days' worth of five-fold earning for their questing and guard duty, but so be it, congrats to them, I don't begrudge their luck.

Playa had a bit of a knee-jerk reaction, starting things here mid-server day, but what can we do now about that. *shrug* Hopefully next time they'll take five and think before they push the red button.

(Let's just maintain a minute of silence, grateful of the fact they're not in charge of a nuclear missile launch site, or a nuclear power station. :) *bows head in silence*)

Nandak2 10-31-2011 03:33 AM


Originally Posted by Bullbound (Post 35322)
City Guard gold is calculated at the end of the shift. The amount will go up if your guild bonus goes up during your City Guard too.

Bah, I lost 5 mill gold following this advice. I set up the city guard to finish on Sunday (doing less hours than I would usually do to get the 5 times bonus). Checked on Monday morning and I didn't get the extra gold, it appears to be based on when you collect the gold for the duty rather than when the duty completes. Yay so not only did I lose 5x gold I also didn't get to do as many hours as I'd usually have done :(

That topped off with losing over 50 mill gold on Saturday (as I used my thirst prior to them actually putting the gold into place) and then they didn't even extend it to last 48 hours (which would have helped those people whose play times meant they lost the early Saturday gold).

Can't help but feel that playa don't like me ;-)

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