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Rizathivax 03-30-2013 09:38 AM

None rewarding Videos?!
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Hey, why are you giving us SponsorPay & Fandango ads as Video, when we watch them we don't get credit because we can't answer the questions (they don't appear) with the SponsorPay or when we don't click to go to buy tickets for Jurassic Park with Fandango (you can only buy so many tickets). :wall:

Turns out trying to buy the tickets doesn't work either, you can't buy tickets because the movies isn't out yet & you still don't get the reward.

Note: The SponsorPay Video I'm speaking of had the full SponsorPay Frame with the "Watch, Answer, Congratulations" across the top & the Fandango (Jurassic Park 3-D) one says "Watch, Buy, Social, Reward" across the bottom right.

Update: It turns out that if you watch the video & then click on the Buy tickets in the center of the movie, it opens another widow/tab to Fandango, upon closing this window/tab the video updates showing you a link to share with your friends, however there is a "Click to skip" shown in the bottom of the video. Clicking on it, advances finally to the Reward, now the button can be clicked in the lower right to claim your Mushroom. I thought that the surveys & complete this "" stuff was suppost to be under the SponsorPay section?

Speaking of SponserPay here is the screen of the SponserPay "Video" after watching it.

darren00 03-30-2013 09:40 AM

the videos when i watch them always reward me

on mushroom sale events i get two a video

Rizathivax 03-30-2013 09:55 AM


Originally Posted by darren00 (Post 48881)
the videos when i watch them always reward me

on mushroom sale events i get two a video

Nice. Have you gotten the Jurassic Park Trailer from Fandango or a full border SponsorPay spot (as described above) when selecting Video yet? ;)

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