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iTZKooPA 03-31-2011 10:29 AM

Quest Item Not Awarded?
Ever accept a quest quickly because the reward was too good to pass up, but not actually get it upon completion? It sucks, we know, but so does the culprit, lag.

How does lag impact the quest reward, you ask? Simple, it shows you the reward for a different quest than the one you actually accept. For example, you look at Quest A first, but the rewards stink so you move to Quest B. However, Quest A wasn't finished loading and when you move to Quest B the item that was still loading pops up for Quest B. Salivating, you quickly chose Quest B for the loot.

If you had waited a moment, your computer would have caught up with the Flash request and removed Quest A's item from Quest B's description. Please wait a few moments when selecting each quest for your computer to process all the data it is receiving.

In the long run, the developers are looking to add some sort of placeholder to the reward area so it will load as quickly as the text and alert players that there is an item to be had.

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