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toefoo 10-08-2011 08:20 AM

What mistakes have you made?
Hey all glad to be a part of this little community :). So im new here, and was just wondering if there were any experienced players that made mistakes that they regret while leveling. I am hoping to get a good grasp on everything before i officially start questing and arenas and such. So share your mistakes! So that I wont make them :p

PS: I am a warrior

blackhatnot 10-08-2011 08:39 AM

I leveled until roughly level 25-30 by doing quests with maximum gold per thirst, thinking I will be a powerhouse for my level. After scouring these forums and having a very helpful moderator point me towards, I realized that going for maximum experience per thirst appears to be the better choice.

Also, once you get your scrapbook really work hard to fill it in as soon as you can. I didn't really pay attention to it at first and only really started actively filling it out at around level 55. I managed to fill it up by almost 50% in 2 weeks, but if I had done that sooner I might be a couple levels ahead of where I am now.

I should also mention that the Scrapbook of Meticulously is an item that has a chance to appear in the Magic Shop after you are level 10 (I think it's level 10) and it records all the monsters that you've beaten, as well as the equipment of players you have beaten and equipment you have worn. The scrapbook then gives an experience bonus based on the percentage of completion.

toefoo 10-08-2011 08:48 AM

WOW. thanks a lot! I was just thinking that choosing the best gold quests would be better because it would make me somewhat of a 'twink' while I progress. I am glad to find out now that I am wrong, before I started :D. Hoping for more of these big tips, as I am going to wait a few days and do some reading before I start. Starting with that thread you linked! thanks!

Anyone with anything else that they can think of I would appreciate it a lot :D

blackhatnot 10-08-2011 08:51 AM

You are very welcome! Also, your usage of the word "twink" leads me to believe you play a certain MMORPG with over 10 million subscribers (unfortunately it is against forum rules for me to actually write the name of the game). I used to be an avid player of that game as well :P

EDIT: oh, I forgot to mention, the thread I linked is a very, very heavy read. Although it is very well organized, there are large walls of text so read at your own risk!
Seriously though, read it it's very enlightening :)

toefoo 10-08-2011 09:03 AM

Ahh yes I once played that very game as well :) I am reading the thread now, It is long, but I feel like if i spend a few days reading threads like these and getting more tips in this thread, then I will have a much better chance of getting to the top, or at least close enough to see it :p

Bullbound 10-08-2011 10:03 AM

There is a use for powerhouses, though. The thread about the xp addict is for those that wish to be ranked 1 and don't mind the drawbacks that come with it. The term twink is actually fairly common in role playing games too. ;)

The biggest mistakes I made included trying to use potions or equip gear on a shop screen (it will sell the item if you are not careful), not paying attention to how each stat works and having to recover from that (doable just takes a bit more time when you put a good half million in dexterity to realize a mage doesn't get to evade an attack), and not joining a guild as early as possible.

toefoo 10-08-2011 10:51 AM


Originally Posted by Bullbound (Post 34175)
...The biggest mistakes I made included trying to use potions or equip gear on a shop screen (it will sell the item if you are not careful)...

:O Thanks for that! That has no doubt saved me a terrible loss!

I am starting to think about how soon i should get a mount now. Thinking that if I spend my first 10 gold this early on the 30% mount (as I understand it this is the best mount until I start buying mushrooms regularly) I will be plenty behind anyone my level in the arena that spent their gold on stats.

polopoloyuuu 10-08-2011 01:24 PM

I'm happy to admit i've never made a mistake.

bobo baggins 10-09-2011 02:46 PM

to keep on the subject that this post was made for my mistake was to go gold gold quests in the begining since the higher lvl you are the more gold you get it is better to go for exp. and if you have a problem player in your guild get rid of him before it is too late.

demonwarrior 10-17-2011 06:11 AM

don't trust people so easily, this is just a game not a REAL LIFE

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