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Darstard 03-24-2012 08:17 PM

S1 Server & Battle Times
Server Time on S1 seems to be an hour off, and our battle just launched an hour earlier than posted. Some guild members have also noted that dungeon timers were reset and even called out the clock jump in guild chat, although I'm not able to provide a screenshot of it. Time jump noted and comments made at approximately 19:38 NEW Server time.

Perhaps Daylight Savings Time was turned off on the server?

Would appreciate knowing what happened and what will happen. A lot of our members time their playing around the resets.

Many thanks,

Evail Frog 03-28-2012 12:02 AM

Server Times Are Buggered Fix Them!
Yup server times reset incorrectly 2 times now it took them over 1 week to fix them to the correct daylight savings time and then the next weekend destroyed the corrected time so they where no longer a hour behind they then eded up 1 hour ahead. they cost me mushrooms and thirst both times by screwing the pooch.

Playa games is a bit incompetent in keeping the server times running correctly..

Servers S1 & S2 are both now 1 hour fast.. It will probably be another week before that is fixed or they just may refuse to acknowledge the problem they are not big on fixing things like this unless its costing them money ie people quitting or not buying shrooms, then again another thing is the squeeky wheel is the one that gets the oil and since you and I are the only ones so far to complain about it... All that really Means is that they have no real need to get off there behinds to fix the problem... Why bother doing any work to correct the server time for the players if no one is complaining about it..

Hey guys get off your butts and fix the frigging times allready..

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