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iTZKooPA 04-20-2011 10:07 AM

Lose a mushroom?
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Shakes & Fidget is a free-to-play game. Playa Games is able to offer the game for free by including the in-game currency of mushrooms, which can be purchased for real money and earned through gameplay. As you might expect, there are quite a few services in the game that cost mushrooms, each depicted with a :shroom: on the associated button. Services include, but are not limited to, skipping timers (dungeons, Arena, quests), refreshing shops and purchasing gear and mounts.

Nearly all cases of a lost mushroom have been explained by expenditures, accidental or on purpose. If you feel you’ve lost a mushroom in err, please think for a second and try to recall if one of these transactions could have taken place.

The other main culprit of lost mushrooms is lag, which leads to most accidental expenditures. Due to lag - of the Internet, server or personal computer varieties - players may click on the screen when the game is attempting to load a new page, or click repeatedly in an area because it does not react instantly. These extraneous clicks can lead to refreshing a shop, assaulting a dungeon or various other :shroom:-based activities if the mouse was in the correct location.

In addition, the :shroom: icon that is located on these buttons may not finish loading before a player clicks on it. Buttons that consume a :shroom: have their text offset to the right to accommodate the image.
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Still think you’ve lost a mushroom for an inexplicable reason? Then please contact the support line ([email protected]) with as much detail as possible, time, date, number of mushrooms before and after, what action(s) were you doing, what screen(s) were you on, etc.. Screenshots - learn how to take them here - are highly desired.

Please make sure your Adobe Flash and Java are up-to-date and you have the latest version of the game by performing a cache reset, CTRL+F5 while the URL is highlighted in most browsers.

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