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Elerial 06-18-2012 03:01 AM

<Taverna> is looking for more active players
Behind the curtains <Taverna> is a Finnish guild on the Server7, mainly composed of friends through real life in someways with a few recruited outsiders. Some of us started playing when the server opened and bamboozled us rest to join the fun.

At the moment we are recruiting all players join our crew and grow towards the top ranks! (No need to be Finnish, just be active!)
Hopefully you are lvl150+, preferred lvl200+ so you can help our cause with defeating the dungeons!

We can arrange for 15 spots for active players and easily more if we find enough eager players!
No donations required from our guild mates, but mushrooms always welcome :)

For the information part (24.11.2014/
Instructor bonus: 170% (max'd out for the moment)
Treasure Bonus: 158%
Dungeons: 35/50
Member limit: 36, though irrelevant, can always be raised for new members. Currently 3 spots open but for characters 150+lvl we can make room easily.
Best Guild Rank: 5, current rank 6 with 10-15 active players

We are at the moment very active, usually 1-2 guild attacks per day and raids when the /level is enough. For the bonuses we lack shrooms, gold is no problem.

To join us send in-game mail to one of our officers: Smallgrumpsy, Daphney, Elerial, wiku
Or contact me through the forums with adequate information. Application can be in Finnish or English.

Archived stats

Instructor bonus: 158% (max'd out for the moment)
Treasure Bonus: 140%
Dungeons: 29/50
Member limit: 33

Instructor bonus: 104%
Treasure Bonus: 112%
Dungeons: 15/50
Member limit: 28
Best Guild Rank: 6

For the information part (01.01.2013/
Instructor bonus: 124%
Treasure Bonus: 118%
Dungeons: 20/50
Member limit: 30, though irrelevant, can always be raised for new members.
Best Guild Rank: 7

Top rank the guild has achieved is 10, and currently our rank cruises between 10-12.

Elerial 04-06-2014 02:28 AM

Stats updated! Instructor 158%, Treasure 140%. Spots open in our friendly guild, bring 150lvl+!

Elerial 11-23-2014 11:37 PM

Stats updated! Instructor 170%, Treasure 156%.

Elerial 11-27-2014 02:16 AM

Stats updated again! Instructor 170%, Treasure 158%.


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