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Arturu 04-22-2016 11:40 AM

New Tavern and COOL loot
I recently got to a conclusion that with all the changes and new things the Tavern became a rather weak element of the game, especially with addition of food.

The food is totally random and loot in form of items is just garbage - everything is absolutely useless. I never start a day thinking "yes! new day! I wonder what missions will bring me today!", nowadays it's just "ok, let's get over with this tedious thing".

I am gonna go through everything in points, since there's some major changes here.
All names are placeholders - real items should have flavor added to them.

First of all the tavern should be a map, so you could see in what enviroments are the given missions.

On the map we would have five missions presented, two of those five would ble flashing, which would inform you that after you finish a mission the flashing ones will disappear and be replaced with new ones.
However the three normal missions will be available in the next run.

New types of loot should be presented.

1. Potions
We already have those, and here nothing would be changed - we can have up to 3 potions active at a time.

2. Blessings
You can have one active at a time, these would work like potions but for a very short period of time - 1 or 2 hours.
You would activate a blessing by drinking / using a Cup item (can only be found in missions!).

Cup of experience - doubles increased experience
Cup of gold - doubles gold rewards
Cup of swiftness - additional 25% time reduction (adds in with mount).
Cup of timetravel - all missions take 1 minute (although the thirst cost does not change!)

Remember, you can have only one active at a time, it works only for 1 or 2 hours and you can find such an item ONLY during missions.

Of course you would like to use that during a weekend event (but that's the point!).

3. Banners
Every mission would have an empty slot. You could choose to bring a Banner with you, which would help you out in a certain way.

Banners would have a limited number of uses (3 to 5), after that they would disappear.

Mirroring Banner - doubles the number of item rewards from missions (potions, eq, fruit)
Invulnerability Banner - you win the fight no matter what
Slaughter Banner - 25% damage increase in fight
Gold Banner - doubles the gold value of item reward
Map fragment - finding five would create a map, that adds a special mission in the tavern.

4. Other items

Loot bag - from which you can get a bunch of gold or a random item reward
Painting - no usability, but can be sold for a lot of gold

All rewards (including fruits) would be visible in the tavern, so you would always see what you can get.

Missions difficulty levels:
White - normal. Red - difficult. Black - extremely deadly.

Special types of missions:
- Shady Dealer - there's a chance you will find a Shady dealer at the end of mission which can sell you 1-2 good rewards but only for shrooms
- King Kong - there's a chance you will fight a King Kong, and get up to 5 fruit from him as a reward.
- Temple - mission created from map fragments - would cost no thirst (or would not vanish from tavern) and gives at least three item rewards.
- Cloning device - after the missions you can create a copy of any of your items
- Fountain - replenishes Banners

That's about it. If you read all of it, you get the picture.
All of this might be a bit convoluted, but I think that if only half would be implemented the tavern would be way more fun then it is now.

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