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Kaidah 02-21-2011 09:45 PM

Wow. I'm definitely going to be using this from now on.

Thank you so much!

Einstein 03-03-2011 06:35 AM

Extremely useful.


Mastodon 05-20-2011 07:36 AM

extremely useful indeed! nice tool.:welldone:

Jarlaxle 06-04-2011 07:10 AM

Great work!

lspiderl 06-07-2011 11:32 AM

ok so heres a question

anyone know exaclty how crit damage is calculated ?

is a weapon with a greater damage range better for crit damage or worse ?

Charista 06-07-2011 12:26 PM

Sampling tends to show that a crit simply multiplies damage by 2, which means it would not benefit any weapon more than another.

lspiderl 06-07-2011 06:45 PM

so in this case a higher MAX damage would be better?

i some games crit damage is max damage plus the differnce between min and max damage so a weapon with a larger range dramaticly increases amount of damage of a crit

so say bow number 1 has a 50 -100 range and bow number 2 has a 70-85 range

bow 2 would be better for consistant damage bow 1 would very but would have a huge crit due to its damage range

in other games crit is simply max damage doubled bow 1 wins again

but still in OTHER games is average damage doubled wheren bow 2 has a MUCH better average damage and wins clearly in consistant damage and crit

Charista 06-08-2011 12:25 AM

50-100 is ~75 and 70-85 is ~77.5, so yes, Bow 2 is better.

If, however, you used:
Bow 1: (50-100) ~75
Bow 2: (70-80) ~75

you would have a fairer comparison.


so in this case a higher MAX damage would be better?
Not better. Different.

With Bow 1, for every fight where you crit with 100 base damage, there is one where you crit with 50 base damage, Having a lower minimum makes you vulnerable to weaker players. Basically, the trade off to sometimes beat higher level players with good rolls makes you vulnerable to lower level players with bad rolls.

The one exception is Dungeons. A higher max lets you beat dungeons at a lower level than you would with a tighter range weapon like Bow 2. The trade-off here is that you might cause yourself to lose quests on bad damage rolls.

I'm not going to discuss other systems, simply because it can get confusing.

demonwarrior 10-26-2011 06:23 AM

This is very useful

Thank you very much!

Keep updating. :D

Nitzan Havoc 02-14-2012 11:30 AM

:bi: :welldone::ay: Thank you very much!!! Excellent site, easy to use and very useful! I'll point all my Guild members to use it!

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