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spiny norman 06-04-2012 11:33 AM

the weapon calculator is most useful. It would be more so if it also took into luck, which can affect average damage by 10% or more, and constitution, which determines how many shots you can get off against your opponent before you are defeated. If I have the weapon in hand, it's easy enough to compare: if you can get 10% more damage for 5% fewer hit points, it's worth it, but if 5% more damage gives you 8% fewer hit points, it's probably not.

Jengas 06-04-2012 03:01 PM does a decent job of comparing two items with any stats and spitting out an approximate value of that item with regard to damage mitigation, damage output, etc.

spiny norman 06-04-2012 03:10 PM

thanks. won't let me register. I'll try again later

well, I guess it would let me register. In fact, i'm now registered 5 times. Calculator still give an error, though.

Jengas 06-04-2012 10:30 PM

Yikes, i guess the site is buggy now. Well, I use a 5/4/3/1 point multiplier for my stats (Main stat/Con/Luck/trash stats). I just made an excel sheet that does the calculations for me and use it to compare gear. I suggest using the weapon tool site for comparing weapons though since the added damage stat complicates things a little.

spiny norman 06-13-2012 07:19 AM

It's been more than a week, and the site is still non-functional. sigh.

Jengas 06-16-2012 10:13 PM

Well to be fair, the site had its cons in addition to its pros. For instance, you had to reupdate all stats on your character before you can compare one item. Your toon page isn't stored, so if you accidentally lose the link directing you to your toon, you'll have to start a new one (which you might as well anyway since you have to fill everything out each time you want to use the site). And pot effects had to be removed when updating so as to better compare the two items. So it's rather time consuming for each item you want to look up. So it's not a complete loss I think.

Making an excel sheet works just fine for the job I think. So long as you understand that your main stat>>con>>int>junk stats, you really can't go wrong. What multiplier you use isn't particularly crucial.

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