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<3Less 06-03-2012 11:58 PM

Character stat build, help wanted.
I don't know if i'm doing something wrong, but my character feels weak. I have been using a certain stat distribution that focuses on increasing stats that affect my character more.
My stats go in like this:
+1 strength
+5 dexterity
+1 intelligence
+ 3 constitution
+3 luck

My character is a scout, if that wasn't obvious, lol. I just reached level 15 too. I have 33.33% chance to crit against opponents at level 15, and I have 24% reduced damage against opponents at level 15. I have 8384 Hp, and i do between 850 and 1274 damage.

I feel like I'm strong, but I don't know. It feels like those who are my level tend to have better stats, and better items than me. So i'm not quite sure what im doing wrong, unless its about the guild bonuses. I just joined one today, and they might have been in them for a while, idk.

Any advice would be appreciated.

spiny norman 06-04-2012 05:34 AM

your problem may be that you are doing the wrong comparison. How strong you are for your level depends on your stat distribution, but it also depends on how you train for gold vs. experience. If you select experience over gold, you will level faster but be relatively weak for your level.

Most people believe that playing for experience makes you grow faster than playing for gold. In other words, if person A plays for gold and person B for stats, each the same amount of time, person A will be a strong level 12 and person B a weak level 15, but person B would beat person A if they met in the arena.

The other factor that stats don't measure is other expenditures. your opponents may be spending money/mushrooms on clothing, equipment, and potions.

<3Less 06-04-2012 07:53 AM

That's true, i hadn't quite considered potions, and i usually try to fight people my own level.

I typically go for the money route.

Darstard 06-04-2012 09:10 AM

When selecting opponents, pay attention to their potions and stats. If you're without potions, you'll have tougher battles against opponents (of your level) who have them. It's a quick visual check on their toon page. Step 2 is a quick stat scan to see how your stats compare against theirs. Selecting opponents carefully won't actually make you more powerful, but you should be able to notch more wins in the arena.

Jengas 06-16-2012 10:29 PM

I'm currently trying out an experimental new toon where I copy the stats of dungeon mobs as I level (which you can find on the strategy forums under dungeon monsters). I'll tell you how it goes, but so far I'm holding my own pretty well. Speed's dungeon by level list is particularly useful if you want to set up 'goal' stats to hit as you level up. The list is also just useful by itself since you can tackle dungeons in order of difficulty and all mobs are color coded by their class. Very useful stuff.

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