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SteveL 04-11-2015 08:51 PM

Game Suggestion
Currently I don't even look at what the quests are in the tavern, the text, or who the opponent will be. The text is entertaining at first, but gets old, and old players don't read it, or care who they fight in a quest. (Just how much gold or xp they will gain.) This could be made much more interesting by making it matter. If, for example, you fought a dragon in a quest, you might get a dragon scale as an item after the fight. (Or fighting a bat, a bat wing.) when you had accumulated three or so dragon scales, you could trade them in for a dragon scale potion, which might give you a permanent +1 strength. Three bat wings might give you +1 Dex.) This would also make the player have to make meaningful choices, such as, I have two bat wings, do I keep them, or try to collect dragon scales instead. This would make the players think quite a bit more about which quest is interesting, and could be used to make them read and care about the text, and who their opponent is.

spiny norman 04-18-2015 09:30 AM

Here is an easy one: After a guild battle is won or lost, a message comes out in chat noting it and how much honor was won or lost. Why is there no group message in guild chat when a guild raid or guild dungeon raid is declared or when your guild is attacked?

A simple "Joe Blow has declared a raid against the Disciples of Scum" or "Your guild has been attacked by the Flingers of Poo" would decrease the number of people missing raids. It would not be particularly intrusive, since there would be a maximum of 4 messages per day.

Dorian Grimmson 09-10-2015 04:41 PM

New tavern quests or something
I like the the idea of completing a quest not only for the Gold and XP (or the chance for more or less of either) and also having an opportunity to choose a quest based on acquiring an item, token, trophy whatever that are collected and redeemed for something. Alternately searching for a list of items, or a specific set of tokens, yadayada grants an item or weapon or whatever. Similar to when you had to collect the mirror, only this time a random quest might reward a random 'whatever' that you might need and is stated in the quest listing.

spiny norman 09-12-2015 11:40 AM

It does seem like something could be done to make quests more interesting. The battles at the end of the quest could not be more anticlimactic: I think I've probably won over 10,000 in a row. Everything is pretty much rote: if you want gold, choose most gold/min. If you want xp, choose most xp/min. If you want the best chance for a mushroom, choose the shortest quest. If you want the item, choose the item.

The location of the quest is irrelevant. The character you meet on the other side is irrelevant. The chance of victory is damn close to 100%.

Why not offer quests for dexterity, or aura, or endurance, or wisdom? Or quests where you progress down a particular path towards a goal, such as an item? Or quests offering larger rewards, balanced by an actual risk of failure?

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