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Inw Elaness 11-18-2011 01:34 PM

Will it happen?
"God! When will they come?" Dracken sat down then stood and again walked the floor, his emotions in turmoil and sweat beading his brow. His nerves were shot to pieces with the waiting. If only he knew it would be like this. Castor never told him the waiting for it to happen would be so nerve-racking. He wished now that he had never done it, then he would be so much safer. He knew if they came it would be the end of his safe little world.

His mind went back to a week ago and safety. He was just at the beginning of his life that he had mapped out long ago, and was quite successful at it but Castor had advised him to reach higher. He had spent many years learning and now, would it all be wasted? He continued pacing the floor as he remembered small things that made his life seem good but would it continue? He was afraid if they came it was going to be the end of his life that he had enjoyed so far. "Oh! Why did I listen to him. I should have known I would be going into the unknown."

He heard a sound outside and froze in fear. "Was that them coming?" Then silence. He held his breath but no, it wasn't them. Castor had told him it could be a while before he knew as they would investigate him thoroughly, then and only then would they make their move. "If I am this afraid now what will I be like when they arrive?" He was terrified. He knew they did not waste time on people like him usually, only on the so called *big ones*but he wasn't *big* so naturally he was in a state of torment with the waiting. He considered making a run for it and starting up in another town, but realised it would be of no use. They would be extremely annoyed and would seek him out. If only he knew the answer.

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