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Charista 08-13-2010 10:53 AM

Frickasied Fury is on the Menu, boys!
The way you treat others on their way up is the way they treat you once they've surpassed you.

The Endless attacks a lot, and some around here may feel we attack them too often, but I have been ensuring that we attack at least three other guilds before repeating an attack. Now, this has gotten me some flack because sometimes I have to drop down the rankings to find an available and acceptable target to avoid farming. On the other hand, it has been fun losing to Adventurer's Inc, Sky Raiders, Non Mortuus, et al., then surpassing them and replying in turn, and I don't think they'd say I was too excessive in attacking them.

But FF, since you had no reservations against attacking three times in two days (and it would have been four if it hadn't been for some other guild getting to us before your attack refreshed), and several other back-to-back attacks, well, you've solved my problem for me. I don't have to dive down the list to avoid farming, I can just farm you.

So, the next couple days will cover payback. And if I ever find that I need a target to prevent farming others, well, you're always gonna be there for me.

Darstard 08-27-2010 11:49 AM

Make mine a DOUBLE!!!

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