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ToscanToss 06-18-2011 03:13 AM

WARNING-Laughing Imps laughing at Bene Gesserit...
Earlier this week, the Bene Gesserit guild attacked the Laughing Imps.

Bene Gesserit may have learnt from the close calls other guilds intent on raiding the Laughing Imps have witnessed -
a near defeat at the hands of a guild counting all of two members. :)

Bene Gesserit must have learnt of those close calls, I say. Why?

Because they have mustered no fewer than 37 - yes, thirty-seven! - members of their guild
to defeat the Laughing Imps...

(Oh, wait... what's that?... Sorry, folk, my mistake...)
Bene Gesserit brought into the battle
(more accurately: intended massacre, I would assume :))
37 of their best
2 (!) of the Laughing Imps...

... AND THEY LOST ! :lol:

I know what must have happened afterwards inside that guild:


Yes indeed, the sacred might of Bene Gesserit squashed
by the only two members of the Laughing Imps...

(Hold on, folks, I'm getting another correction, it seems...)

All right, get this:

the Bene Gesserit guild was defeated by ONE Laughing Imp! :D

A sole member of the Laughing Imps - the officer -

(possessing some 16 - 17 fewer levels than the guild leader)
defeated the entire Bene Gesserit raid party, consisting of 37 invaders!

Not only that, but the Bene Gesserit leader
was 3 levels higher at the time of the attack,
than this brave officer... and an accomplished mage, to boot! :g::lol::welldone:

Don't believe me?

Here's the raid's conclusion, summed up in a single shot:

37 kills,
and the hostile Bene Gesserit guild's leader clearly outranking the "laughing officer"
by 3 magical levels... :)

Conga-rats, Seedy (oops! :g:) Seedie!

And now, the Bene Gesserit are recruiting, promising the sky to potential recruits...

I wonder why?...

Oh, who am I kidding - I really ought to say instead:

no wonder! :g::lol: :D

:welldone: [inside the Bene Gesserit HQ, Seedie & co.... :cry::wall::cry: ...the aftermath of a bully-raid gone awry] :welldone:


[- end of front line report -]

(edit) P.S.: all in good fun, Seedie & al. Have fun, success, and enjoy the game.

Tyomek 06-25-2011 11:23 PM

If I hadn't seen that screenshot, I wouldn't have believed it.

What is your relationship with these guilds, that you were able to get this screenshot?

Just wondering,


ghostline 06-27-2011 06:50 AM

Makes me want to join the imps... lol

ToscanToss 07-01-2011 04:37 AM

Sorry for the delay...
... and thank you both for chiming in.

Tyomek, the relationship is one of formal - and apparently uncommunicative - hostility, it would seem, and therefore uncooperative as well. ;)

Consequently, the shots were obtained surreptitiously, using top secret S&F spy software and my astral vantage point from aboard the orbital station - nudge-nudge, wink-wink.
(More in private, if you're interested, FYEO, and for the sake of our friendly relations. :))

Ghostline: thank you for that implied positive opinion - glad you enjoyed the above.

To all: never forget to add that 'grain of salt' to all of TT's posts - I am a fellow imp, and as such, most of what I say (not all, granted) should be taken with that condiment. ;)

- cheers


Kyle Kenkade 11-02-2011 10:41 AM

actually this was our sister guild, and as far as I know, this guild no longer exist, and Seedie is now a member of another guild.

ToscanToss 11-02-2011 04:19 PM

Oh, no, Bene Gesserit and the Reverend Mothers are still round - just checked. (Hmm, better check my puppy for Shai-Hulud, while I'm at it... :))

But Seedie has moved on to bigger and better things, she's part of Disciples of Beer these days, and all grown up... following close in my footsteps (who arrived some 100 levels behind?) and playing in earnest. :)

And though a 'hobbit' by by her own admission, I've witnessed strange shape-shifting periods in her development, most recently during Oktoberfest, when she inexplicably turned into an... elf, I kid you not.
Only for a few days, mind, then back to her original hobbit self she morphed...

Spooky it was, to say the least... :)

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