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spiny norman 11-15-2014 07:23 AM

quest or dungeon maze
Here's an idea I just came up with, not necessarily fully thought out.

Instead of choosing quests in the tavern, why not have the player move through a maze? Or perhaps this would work better with a dungeon. A player would enter through a door on one end and walk through passages, choosing directions and illuminating more and more of the maze while trying to find the exit on the other side. Some passages would be blocked by monsters that need to be defeated, some might require a key that has to be found, rewards can be found along the way.

This would make the game a bit less linear and less repetitive. Rather than choosing one of 3 similar quests in the tavern or beating one boss after another in similar battles in the dungeons there would be an element of discovery.

Ideally there would be many different potential mazes so that people are not tempted to cheat and post the route through for their friends.

Large guild mazes could even be set up where guild members could explore different parts of the maze together, splitting up to discover new territory or grouping together to defeat enemies.

Dorian Grimmson 09-10-2015 06:53 PM

Love the idea! A dungeon that features choices after each opponent, maybe text with clues or hints as to what lies next-- forward, left, right, up, down. It would consist of a finite number of opponents like current dungeons but progression leads to different rewards-- gear, gold, or XP, maybe something epic or otherwise special. Eventually you'd emerge and unable to repeat it. Love the idea as it reminds me of a good dungeon crawl. A guild crawl could be similar and require defeating a particularly tough foe (like a demon portal, no regen but requiring time to overcome) or a band of monsters (similar to a guild fight). Maybe requiring only a select number of members to participate rather than throwing the whole guild into it. Rewards for a guild crawl would be XP based for participating members or maybe just bragging rights (designation in the hall of fame guild listing?)

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