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Bullbound 10-08-2010 03:41 PM

Whispers in Guild Chat

Originally Posted by Charista (Post 18366)
We've been testing this heavily, and this is what we've found...

1) /Whispered text is purple-pink.
2) You can /w to anyone, including out-of-guild.
3) Use # instead of space in names.
4) It auto-fills names from your guild list, and from any recent out-of-guild /whispers you've recently received. (Use the End button to quickly go past the auto-filled name.)
5) When you log in, you will receive the latest 5 lines of chat as normal, PLUS any /w's received while offline. They appear in the correct purple colour. You may need to scroll back to see the chat lines, since they may have been pushed up due to the /w's which appear after the guild chat.
6) We have not found any way to /w multiple people at once.

Number 6 is not possible at this time. You can whisper one person at a time, just not 2 or more people at the same time.

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