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Level 50 fortress...maximum level.
Level 62 instructor...maximum purchase, more fights to win
Level 62 treasure...maximum purchase, more fights to win

124% Gold bonus
124% XP bonus
Guild Dungeon fights as frequently as they can be afforded
FREE access to a weekly tips column that has become syndicated
Advice from experienced players
Monthly contests starting in 2012 with prizes ranging from rank to mushrooms to more

No gold donations required
No mushroom donations required, heck there isn't even a mushroom use required

Requirements of Players
Level: None
Activity: None, but inactives that aren't playing any more may be kicked for actives after receiving warning (in case of vacation) if space is needed.
Mushroom Use: None
Thirst Use: None
City Guard Use: None
Mount Use: None
Familiarity with the word "None": None

Holding Bay has room for 26 more members. We are taking guilds and individuals alike. We were at one point in the top 10. Like the phoenix, we are now rising from the ashes once again. Come join Holding Bay and see what we are all about.
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