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Default This is the weapon in the shop today. But should I buy it?

Hi Everybody:
This is the weapon in the shop today. It is a Piranha bow of the cutter. Damage 574-773 (~660) wich adds to All atributes + 524 but it Costs 15 Mushroom's and 3,635,115 Gold + 28 sillver

This is my Current weapon it is the Vuvuzela of death. Damages 360-944 (~652) It adds to my Dex Con And Luc + 622 I got that Bow from a dungeon 1 level and 2 days ago

I am not a real big fan of all stat weapons but in the case of a all stat bow I just don't know. Is it really better to get this bow and spend the shrooms for it or keep spending the mushrooms on 3 extra thirst per day ? what are your thoughts on this ?

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