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Originally Posted by Lord Arse View Post
I'm choosing to spend all my gold in levelling the minions up until they reach mine. Only 20 away for each one now. At least then, I'll be able to spend the gold on my own character again and only have to level the minions up one each, since they can't go above your own level.
I don't quite agree with using all the gold on companions. I personally think it's a little bit too much. As we get the gold from quests, we also level up meaning we're just continuously spending ridiculous amounts of gold on leveling THREE different classes. Either the price should be reduced or they should level up by themselves. The gold income isn't enough to cover the minions, guild, personal stats and shop items.

Other than that, the tower is a great addition to the game, along with the mirror. I still feel that S&F's combat is lacking something. We need some effects on weapons. Something like a gem system, so that if you put a gem on your axe it deals 5% of the enemy HP in damage every hit. (That's just an example).