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Full Support from me. I think I and a couple of others suggested something similar via email when they did the poll and possible on the forum as well.

But you got my support. When working guard duty there should be a chance for something to happen. you interrupt a burglary of one of the shops... you stop a battle between a couple of drunken wizards. you break up a tavern brawl. You stop a armed robbery.. You catch a dragon trying to raid the paddock for the horses.

then possibility's are endless and it could be a hell of a lot of fun. What would make it a ton of fun is if we could watch the battles from our guard duty when we sign in...

but even if we cant watch the battle's on log in I know a number of us would be just as happy seeing a in game E-mail of the statistics of how our guards shift went...

The idea of random events occurring while on guard duty would be pretty darned cool
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