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Assassins: We are rank 9 and are still looking to merge with Die Zuschauer. No word however. We are soon going to get Anakim and some friends! When we do we will take on dungeons until we lose and we will earn back rank 6. We will beat American Physcos and we will hopefully get some more recruits. We just had about 4 people join(All level 100+) and are accepting 50s and above. Hurry before its to late.

Masyaf: They are going to take their first dungeon soon but lost Fiffi(He joined Assassins). They however, do have minister a level 130 so will easily beat the first dungeon. Also, they are rising in ranks and people and are running out of room! They have mushroomers and many low levels. They accept anybody and everybody no matter who.

Davenport Homestead: This is still just a retirement home but me and Hidden Blade are looking into making it our stepsister guild. However, we still have Masyaf currently so that will be in a month or so. Also, their leader Desmond Miles, is rising quickly and they will accept all but like I said before it is so far just a retirement home.
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