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Assassins: We are not in the best shape but we are pulling it together. We will take on dungeons as soon as Melody is done. We will bring tons of people, and Kiwi Div to help us out. We need Anakim to return but no hope yet. We are looking for 50s and up, which I think it should be 100s and up but who cares. We would love for some 100s to come and help out. Also, we might bring a new era to Server 8. The Brotherhood, it will be a 3 guild team just like the Triad of Terror. The guilds will consist of their leader Assassins, The secondary guild, Masyaf, and the Holding guild for both Assassins and Masyaf, Davenport Homestead. To join message Pheonix412

Masyaf: They sorted things out, a guild merged into them, but they are looking into getting atleast 1 100 to help out. They did lose most of the guild to LegendsS, who will soon never be heard of again because they revolted against Masyaf. Thank you Assassins. To join message Bubbleguy

Davenport Homestead: Right now a retirement home still. But mainly closed. However I know the leader so I can talk him into playing again.
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