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Default Luck Epics

All right, I have to complain.

I defeated lvl 17 Easteros last night. I'm lvl 425 mage.

Know what I got? A luck epic weapon.

After level 200, I don't think we should get any luck epics. You can't do anything with them other than sell them or throw them in the toilet (and with gems giving 30 points, really, it's not worth it). I can't even give it to the blacksmith for crystals, because luck items get no crystals.

I don't believe anyone over lvl 200 enhances luck through items, only through buying stats.

I honestly felt robbed getting that luck epic. We work so hard to be able to defeat those upper levels of Easteros, and the payoff ... well, to say it was lacking would be putting it mildly.
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