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Default Something I wrote in 5 minutes (Demon Poetry + dwarf recipe)

I'm a demon
Wizardry be my game
Eating dwarfs is what I love
Chicken and Dwarf taste the same!

From below I crawled up
From below I came to be
Sending doom and destruction
With fire, skulls and blood, I set people free!

My hair is not showing
Horns are all I got
But don't let my hairstyle fool you
I can impale your gut!

I might have shark pointy teeth
I might smell of grim stone and fire
But you know what I am not
I'm not a liar!

I might look innocent from far
But come closer if you dare
I will see how you taste
While I eat your arms with great care

(For best taste cook dwarf over open fire for roughly 5 to 8 minutes, make sure to let the fat drip off the meat to enhance that smoky flavor. Suggested herbs and spices are; Salt, pepper, sulfur and fire ants! Enjoy!)
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