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Originally Posted by MedusasSnakes View Post
If we are honest, people will always find a way to abuse something. People are tricky that way
If the Fortress Ranking was based on Upgrade instead of Honor, this would be less of a problem.

I get 0 rewards for attacking because my Fortress is at least 4 levels above the #2 Fortress on my server and at least 8 levels above the rest of my server population.

Yet, I HAVE to attack in order to stay in the top 5 ranking because of the Honor system.

Its basically a waste of my soldiers for a broken PvP system.

So, since I have to defeat opponents anyway, why not let my guild know who I am defeating, so they can attack as well and reap the rewards that I'm not allowed to receive.

Fix the system, and the "abuse" will end. Change the ranking to be based more on Upgrade and less on Honor.
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