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I like it.

But I have feedback on few of the achievements.

1) Square eyes - Collect 1000 lucky coins
- That's completely unfair to people who are unable to get the coins for one reason or another. I for instance live in country that gets ads once in long time and only rarely work at all.

2) Big Spender - Donate 1000000 to guild
- Can't. Full. Attack costs 50k I believe? That's 20x attack per person in guild to be able to get this one. 2 attacks a day, 10 days times 50 guild members. We'll be able to get this one all in... 500 days? Right?

3) Shroomer - Buy shrooms
- Very bad one, if not worst. Achievements should never require real money.

4) Twister tamer - Clear the twister
- See you in 5 years? o.O

5) Globetrotter - Visit all locations in one day
- We could probably use list of all locations

The rest feels fine to me, I wouldn't even mind having more. Pretty much all of them besides the one are achievable even by non shroomer (They can spare free daily shrooms quite easily).
(Edit: Attack actually costs 25k, not 50k. Worse! That's 1000 days for guild to get this achievement.)

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