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Originally Posted by Fairie View Post
^_^ it's ok to just do gaurd duty all day, and for the power players to not drink any beer because your schedule is full.

Part of why I love this game is because it's ok to walk away, to just let a quest bar run while you do stuff around the house or go to work.

After all it's not just students that find their schedules full with the comming of fall. I work in a toystore and a lot of our staff are either leaving or they have to change when they can work, we're going to be hireing new people but soon the season will be upon us and this all adds to a jumble of odd hours untill we can stabilize things. happens every year like clockwork.

Once more players realize they can still play while they're doing other stuff I know they'll come back.
I usually do Guard Duty when I'm sleeping, or when I'm going to be gone for a while MC riding; but then, I'm no where near the upper levels.