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If you are a highlevel you have automatically spent quite some time to reach your level. I admit that the game is not as interesting as it used to be if you've already cleared most of the dungeons. However, repetitiveness is typical of all browser games and most of "normal" games after months of play. It is against our terms and conditions to name other browser games but I've played a few so far and always quit after some weeks. Shakes and Fidget is more challenging and exciting than most other browser games (and I don't say this because I'm a mod here) but after months almost all games feel like doing the same all over again. And don't forget S&F is a free browser game you play with a couple of clicks every day...and not a 3D game with a huge freely to roam world...and 80 hours of quests and gameplay.

Hey, just wait for the guild raids and the game will be fun again.

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