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Originally Posted by Cregan View Post
@like-minded people: Don't judge all people based on your experience with a few people. Sure, for some this may be true, but players ARE allowed to leave when THEY see fit. To put them down like above, without any solid proof, is going too far imo.
Whoa, ease off your soap box there for a minute Cregan! If you would have actually read my post, I do believe I said "the players about to nailed" not all. Only a fool would make absolute statements.

And I was NOT putting ANYONE down. I just made a general statement. If you read more into it than that, then that says more about YOU than it does about what I wrote.

As to your general argumentative/defensive tone, to paraphrase the Bard "methinks he doth protest too much".

Originally Posted by Cregan
Then you handle this in a sub-optimal way. If you have solid proof, the point should be clear and there should be no room for arguments. People only argue if you let them.
...where to begin with this erroneous statement? Having dealt with the public for most of my adult life, one thing is for certain, people will argue regardless of whether there is "room" for arguments or not, ESPECIALLY when they are in the wrong. This goes from the person caught speeding on the highway, to the person taking a cup of ice from a convenience store without paying simply because they think it is "just ice".

And in closing I just want to thank you for taking a light hearted response and demonizing it. If you have a guilty conscience I suggest you confess your sins to Itzkoopa instead of trolling my post. Thank you.

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