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Originally Posted by Salantos View Post

I recently got 2 epic items from Dungeons (1 from boss one isn't)
You missed the part of his question I emphasised up there, didn't you, BB?...

Originally Posted by Bullbound View Post
The boss has nothing to do with it, ToscanToss. All personal dungeon rewards have a set prize value. The gold, item, or epic item will always have the same reward. Therefore, if you are level 10 and you beat the level 12 monster for a normal item vs if you are level 12 and you beat the level 12 monster for an epic item, the selling price will be the same. If you only got gold, the amount rewarded would be the same too. It sounds like you fought 2 different monsters with 2 different reward values.
(OK, so the emboldened text in your reply does suggest you missed that: yes, BB, the two items came from different sources.)

Now you confused me, BB. The boss has nothing to do with what, pray tell?

I mean I'm not sure what you are answering there.

I have to make up a question that suits your answer, is what I'm trying to say...
Let's see:
"Does the gold value of an item change..." No, that's not it...
"For any given dungeon monster that drops an item, does the gold value of that item change depending on whether it's a normal item or an epic one, or is that gold value preset?"
I think that kinda fits in a pinch.

Thanks, BB.

Originally Posted by Lord Arse View Post
Heh. Teach me to respond before I've had my morning coffee!
Heh, no worries, Lord - your title buys you empathic privileges... (I mean... I understand. No coffee, no go. No java, no .... Erm, we won't go there... )
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