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Originally Posted by Charista View Post
Please ignore this comment. I was wrong.
From me, that gets a 'wow.' A first, as far as I know - though admittedly, I know very little.

Congrats, Charista - a very respectable statement, deserving of a thank you and the Seal of Socrates.
(Might be tongue-in-cheek, Charista, but not being sarky - I do respect that.)

And so this event is supposed to last till around Monday, 12 PM server time, BB.

Well, all in all, not bad - some may have been fortunate enough to take full advantage of this, and get in three full server days' worth of five-fold earning for their questing and guard duty, but so be it, congrats to them, I don't begrudge their luck.

Playa had a bit of a knee-jerk reaction, starting things here mid-server day, but what can we do now about that. *shrug* Hopefully next time they'll take five and think before they push the red button.

(Let's just maintain a minute of silence, grateful of the fact they're not in charge of a nuclear missile launch site, or a nuclear power station. *bows head in silence*)
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