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Oh, no, Bene Gesserit and the Reverend Mothers are still round - just checked. (Hmm, better check my puppy for Shai-Hulud, while I'm at it... )

But Seedie has moved on to bigger and better things, she's part of Disciples of Beer these days, and all grown up... following close in my footsteps (who arrived some 100 levels behind?) and playing in earnest.

And though a 'hobbit' by by her own admission, I've witnessed strange shape-shifting periods in her development, most recently during Oktoberfest, when she inexplicably turned into an... elf, I kid you not.
Only for a few days, mind, then back to her original hobbit self she morphed...

Spooky it was, to say the least...
Still waters run red...
...behave and be mindful...
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