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Originally Posted by godevil View Post
Yes much balance for the top 0.1%, for people who get gang-attacked, their honor will reach 0 in no time. The system is good as is. I would only suggest to give honor points for people who successfully defend their fortress against attacks. Separated tabs for top attackers and top defenders would also be nice.

That was the whole complaint about the arena attacks, and that was addressed.

Someone could sit on you in the arena and attack you all day long and lose, and as long as they had enough honor points below you, nothing would happen to them. When they got lucky and won, you were screwed, and had no way of attacking them back to get the honor returned.

I think there should be something given for people defending as well. The other player simply losing their soldiers is not a big deal when the attacked fortress has to replenish their archers and mages at the same time.

Maybe something like if someone loses to someone else, they lose their soldiers and 5 or 10% of what they have in their fortress. Kind of like thinking they are running away and leaving everything sit there so the victor gets to collect the loot.

I honestly can't fault BMW's thinking with telling his guild who he has attacked. I recall starting on w1 as a new server and everyone was trying to get enough gold to buy upgrades, which is difficult when everything is brand new, and looking for people through arena attacks who were bleeding gold and telling fellow guild members who I was getting gold from in large amounts. I also remember finding new items needed for the scrapbooks and telling the whole guild who had the item. It IS rather a gang mentality, but it makes sense in a way.

We are all also trying to upgrade our Hall of Knights, so if BMW is telling his fellow guild members who he has attacked, then that can improve their chances of having the "extra" resources to upgrade that.

There are always two sides to the coin. Yes, we all sit here and think the massive guild attacks against one player suck, but can you say you haven't seen someone say in guild chat, "So and So has this item for the SB if you need it," and then not and went and attacked them if you needed the item?

I can't say I haven't done it, because I have. I've created scrapboook databases with names of people to attack for whole guilds. It's the same mentality - helping out the rest of your guild.

This is a fighting game; it may not be an aspect of the game you use (as I don't use the arena very often, and I haven't at all since the most recent changes to it) but it IS a game where PVP is offered and an option.

We'll never be totally happy with any game out there, but Playa works to try and keep it balanced.
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