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Default Spring Pets Start March 1st

I borrowed this from the other forum, so thanks to the OP on the international forum.

-Light #5 Neverfull in Sprawling Jungle at nighttime
-Earth #9 Boarring in Magmaron in daytime
-Fire #8 Peppryon in Sunburn Desert in daytime
April 1st - Light #17 Liphant in Split Canyon - 1 day only
April 14-16 Easter - Earth #15 Forror In Maerwynn (not sure if available all weekend, or just on Friday April 14th)

Please remember, nighttime and daytime are SERVER time, not your local time.

If you need to see what time it is on your server, check the time stamp in guild chat. Just type something in guild chat and your time stamp is to the left of the message.

Daytime is 06:00 - 17:79 and nighttime is 18:00 - 05:59.
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